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Insurance after 30 days?General

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  1. busybee

    busybee Member

    Hi all - I'm a long-time lurker, new poster because I've finally come across a question that wasn't already answered (at least that I could find). These boards are incredibly helpful - thanks, guys!

    I've had my Eris since December and chose not to buy insurance when I first got it because I've never had any trouble at all with my previous phones. However, I'm now regretting that decision since I seem to be way harder on my first smart phone than on traditional cell phones.

    My phone has gone flying a few times since I purchased it and while it's a testament to the phone that it's still in great working condition, I'm envisioning the next 18 months and am a little worried. I'd really rather not have to pay full price for a new phone or get a new contract if/when my beloved Eris does kick the can.

    So my question to the boards is this: Is it possible to purchase insurance from Verizon, Asurion, etc. after the 30-day grace period? I don't have homeowner's insurance, so that option is out. I called Verizon to ask and was told no, but the woman who helped me also very confidently assured me that if I would just turn off my phone and turn it back on, I would have Android 2.1 on it (no really, she did), so I'd really rather get a second opinion.

    Sorry if this question has been answered elsewhere, but I searched multiple times and couldn't find a relevant response. Anyone got any ideas whether about ways to get insurance after the grace period, or other cheap ways to replace my phone? Trying to be proactive here. Thanks!

  2. TheSultan

    TheSultan Well-Known Member

    you can go to Asurion directly and purchase from them...and allow them to take your hard earned money. Insurance = scam!
  3. ericDylan

    ericDylan Well-Known Member

    i would suggest going into your local store. Maybe if one of the reps was able to see your phone in person (to make sure nothing is wrong with it up till yuor purchase of insurance) then he/she could maybe work something out.

    while i have never had your specific question the verizon reps have always bent over backwards to get me what i wanted and save me money in the process! :D
  4. 00smurf

    00smurf Well-Known Member

    Sorry to say insurance has to be within 30 days. I have spoken with Asurion directly and they will not allow it to be added after the 30 days. Again sorry to drop the information.

  5. 00smurf

    00smurf Well-Known Member

    double post from eris
  6. busybee

    busybee Member

    Thanks for the advice, everyone
  7. cableguynoe

    cableguynoe Well-Known Member

    I remember being able to get Asurion insurance after 30 days. But that was a while ago. Maybe they changed this.
    The only restriction was you had to wait 30 days from when you signed up before you were allowed to file a claim.
  8. BWRpota

    BWRpota Well-Known Member

    For the SGSII, anyway. I've seen instructions on how to remove the phone backing, then loop a lanyard available for the SGSII near the battery. However, upon opening the back of my phone, there was no way of connecting any lanyard. I honestly did not get the insurance because I was going to count on the lanyard wrapped around my wrist to avoid dropping it. But this was not to be. I explained this to the rep, saying this was an extenuating circumstance, and for that, they should give me the insurance.
    He then put me on hold, got back on the line, and place a call to my phone to see if it would go through. Of course, it did go through, and I got my insurance!

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