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Integrated Message App, does it exist?

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  1. matthewl

    matthewl New Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 23, 2010
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    Hello, I'm new to the forums here and recently picked up an HTC Desire and gladly tossed my BB9700 out the window.

    I'm loving the device so far, I love the OS and the hardware. I do have one question though, and I'm shocked that through hours of troubleshooting, no one seems to know the answer.

    Coming from a BB, I had my facebook, IM (googletalk), text, and email all in one folder. I understand you can scroll down the notification window to see anything new coming in, but I would much rather have one app/folder that just showed everything that has come in and out of my phone.

    Does this exist? Will it exist in a future update (2.2, 3.0)? is there an app?
    I checked this forum, and the question was addressed in an FAQ, but the answer under it was (paraphrasing) "i dont know".

    Thanks for any help guys!


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