Integrating Admob and Startapp in one app

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  1. epraveen

    epraveen New Member

    Hi friends,

    Shall I integrate Admob and Startapp in one application..

    Is any problem with more than one ad networks ?

    If Yes, Then How?

    Thank You


  2. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    I moved this to the Application Development forum where I think you will get some better ideas.:)
  3. Supernero

    Supernero Member

    Hey epraveen,

    You can integrate StartApp's SDK with Admob in one app without any problems.
    Startapp offers an out of app solution which adds a search icon and a bookmark to the users device while leaving the app "free" of ads. If you chose to run ads in your app, its perfectly fine from both StartApp and Admob's side.
    Its extremely easy to integrate StartApp's SDK and it takes just a few minutes.

    Here's a link to the registration page

    StartApp - Developer Register

    Hope I helped somehow.

  4. vamp6x6x6x

    vamp6x6x6x Well-Known Member

    According to everything I researched online the naswer is yes. See, StartApp is a PPD and admob not, so you can get money from both if you wish.

    I just integrated StartApp into one of my apps to see how it goes.
  5. out of ideas

    out of ideas Well-Known Member

    You can use admob mediation and run different networks in-app as well
  6. vamp6x6x6x

    vamp6x6x6x Well-Known Member

    I was looking into admob mediation, but have no clue how to implement it; mainly because I usually use the xml file(s) to ad my codes. Yesterday with StartApp was the first time I added code for an ad to the java file.
  7. PaulAppBucks

    PaulAppBucks Member

    Might I recommend checking AppBucks out? You can run us at the same time as other networks if you'd like to compare performance. If you'd like more info check out AppBucks :: DeveloperSignup. See this thread for more information on who we are and what we can do for you.
  8. out of ideas

    out of ideas Well-Known Member

    here's a link to admob mediation page. I'm not currently using it, so I cant be of much more help to you right now, but thought you might want to check this out.

    also, as a general warning to people using Startapp, I spend most of my time on XDA now and have been following this thread you might want to read.

    basically, some people have been integrating it, and getting flagged as a virus by certain anti-virus programs, which we all know is the worst thing you can have going for your app.

    Especially interesting is someone at the end of the thread who was featured on the main page of XDA, then quickly had the page updated as containing a virus, so basically his app is kind of ruined reputation wise. The mods have also gone so far as to remove links to startapp from the thread.

    So im not saying don't use it, as it is your app and your choice, but if might be worth reading at the very least.

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