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  1. need2burn

    need2burn Member

    Ok, I was looking into custom roms and I downloaded one. I was trying to get into recovery but I accidentally went to the screen that says downloading... DO NOT TURN OFF TARGET. this didn't do anything and so I pulled the battery and restarted. Now the phone goes to the virgin mobile bootup and just vibrates once, then twice again and hangs.

    i have tried to factory reset and clearing the cache and both don't do anything. The factory reset option goes back to the recovery list and when I select reboot it just freezes at the vm startup.

    My phone is on 2.2 and is rooted and had a custom boot screen. i tried to update with and it starts and then gives me a status 7 error and aborts the update install. Is there anyway to factory reset or reinstall the stock rom? I was on the stock rom and I hadn't changed anything when I had go to the downloading screen by pressing volume down, camera, and power.

    btw I never had used the sprintrom and I never changed the baseband

    please help a guy out!

  2. kboone420

    kboone420 Member

    Try booting into recovery, clearing dalvik cache/cache, reflashing the stock rom, and rebooting to system.
  3. Kdrood

    Kdrood New Member

    How do you reflash the stock rom?
  4. nsciucco

    nsciucco Well-Known Member

    did you wipe the dalvik cahe and regular cache first. I haven't tried a new rom yet but from what I understand that step is crucial. my intercept is rooted using the intercept root apk it also comes with cm01 recovery. it was super easy and worked extremely well. I am still looking for the rom I want to use bu when I hear stories like this it kinda worries me .
  5. XxGaming23xX

    XxGaming23xX Member

    Sorry Man Your Phone Is ****ed Up Now
    That Happend To Me Too I Was Downloading Too And Then It Frose So I Took Out The Battery And The Same Thing That Happend To You Happend To Me The Only Answers To Fix This Is If You

    1.If You Get Another Phone
    2.Or You Flash The Phone

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