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Interesting find about dell aero

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  1. Ynomrah

    Ynomrah Well-Known Member

    i'm not totally sure if this has been mentioned or known about this device, but the dell aero does seem looks as if it will use the google search on the device instead of the yahoo serarch.

    this is however just speculation via the att website: DELL AERO ? Wireless from AT&T

    ill find out more information on the device in our database at work, if there is any, since i work for at&t.

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  2. Zappcatt

    Zappcatt Well-Known Member

    So....how frustrating is it for you as an Android fan to be at ATT right now, with the "self imposed" deadline of end of June for 5 Android Phones to be launched? and none of the announced(let alone launched) ones being a top of the line version?

    How frustrating is it to be in the dark about launch date for the Aero.

    I know we are going crazy, but it must be hard to continuously go in hoping for good..or any news and coming up empty.
  3. Milksta

    Milksta Member

    Since I can renew my contract at the start of July, I was wondering if the dell aero would be a better choice than a backflip. Any information on the aero would be very nice if you're able to get any.

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