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  1. gordonwd

    gordonwd Well-Known Member

    Being one of those with ICS causing display glitches and random reboots, I called Asus tech support a few minutes ago. I was actually surprised at how quickly I got through to someone. But what he said surprised me.

    His statement to me was on the order of "the ICS update has not been released yet by Asus for the Prime"!?!? When I told him that the firmware update was shown as available on the tablet and that it then downloaded and installed, he said that the update was "from the manufacturer -- not from Asus", and that Asus has to do some tweaking on ICS before releasing it.

    WTF? So now I'm really confused. IIRC, the update shown on the screen did not indicate who was releasing it, and in fact it didn't really say anything about it being ICS (I just assumed that was it, which unfortunately it was).

    The resolution is that they're having me RMA it to them, where I would guess their technicians will restore Honeycomb and send it back. That's OK with me, but brings up the question of how I know in the future that an indicated firmware update is an "official Asus" update or not. I sure don't want to re-install something that breaks it again. It's also scary that an o/s update could come from more than one source.

    Overall, though, I was pleased with the responsiveness of the (offshore) rep, who did not seem in a hurry and went over everything carefully with me. But he did not question that I had an issue and had a prepared response.

  2. tmaxey1

    tmaxey1 Well-Known Member

    So who is the manufacturer? Isn't this the Asus prime? So he is calling Google, nvidia, the Chinese factory the manufacturer that has the ability to push an update out?
  3. gordonwd

    gordonwd Well-Known Member

    My questions exactly. I think we're not getting the whole story, as I doubt that the manufacturing facility (Foxconn?) gives a darn about the product once it ships out. Maybe there's an entity in between Asus and the actual manufacturer?
  4. Lostsorrow

    Lostsorrow Well-Known Member

  5. seven7

    seven7 Member

    basically, what asus are saying is that the ICS update is from google.

    asus haven't released their version of ICS optimised for the TP.
  6. kristovaher

    kristovaher Active Member


    Yes they did. They even stated that it had just returned from Google's approval process (Google needs to approve all builds that include Google services). It includes ASUS enhancements to Android afterall.
  7. gordonwd

    gordonwd Well-Known Member

    I agree. You'd also have to ask why the tablet saw the update if it wasn't from Asus. After all, I think that when it searches for updates, it goes to the vendor's site to do so. Otherwise everyone would be able to install every update that Google releases, which is far from the case.
  8. Ninjak

    Ninjak Well-Known Member

    Having dealt with Asus for RMAs for my laptop before, I and many others can attest that the level 1 support reps are truly the last to know any significant information and I'd not be the least surprised if they weren't informed of the early rollout.
  9. DankNugz

    DankNugz Member

    Yea ASUS even did a couple posts on their actual facebook page about ICS rolling out a few days early for the TP.
  10. wynand32

    wynand32 Well-Known Member

    If only I had a dollar for every poorly informed tech or customer support rep...

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