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  1. rrichardd

    rrichardd Member

    my galaxy pro, keeps shutting off. there are days when it would work perfectly fine and there are days where it would just randomly shut off even if theres no running application. sometimes 2x or 3x in a day.

    i did factory reset but to no avail.

    i sent for repair to the service center but it was not resolved

    i took it again to the sevice center, they said they would replace it but its annoying to have to include these things in my schedule

    i hope if theres other users having this issue would speak up and see what we can do

  2. Sertori

    Sertori New Member

    Yea, i'm having the same problem too. it turns off at least once a day. actually it's not like it turns off. the screen gets frozen and doesnt respond when buttons are pressed.
  3. rrichardd

    rrichardd Member

    hey bro..

    i had it replaced with galaxy mini but it seems to be having the same problems as well...

    all the best
  4. ibrahim52

    ibrahim52 New Member

    You should try reinstalling the entire OS through odin, you need to google for gingerbread OS and steps to install it. It helps, trust me.

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