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  1. elmodierx

    elmodierx New Member


    I've got a HTC Hero. Now I have the problem that my internal memory is too low. I tried to install an app, but it failed because the memory was too less. I erased some apps so the internal memory was 12 MB. I tried to install the app again, but it failed again because of the same reason. I check what the internal memory was after the second try. It was 7 MB now. So something took my memory, but nothing was installed. I tried a different app, again not enough memory, I checked internal memory and it was 3,5 MB. I'd like to get my memory back!!!!

    I haven't rooted my phone by the way.

    Hopefully someone can help me.

  2. dbareis

    dbareis Member

    My guess would be it got further and used up some memory, I'd try uninstalling some more :) Maybe try a reboot first. I have a lot more free than that and I'm uninstalling to prevent issues....
  3. elmodierx

    elmodierx New Member

    I tried already a restart. No results. With reboot you mean complete erase of the phone?
  4. Podivin

    Podivin VIP Member VIP Member

    By any chance do you have lots of old text or mms messages on your phone? If so, you might try deleting some of those, I believe they are stored in internal memory.
  5. dbareis

    dbareis Member

    restart = reboot

    You need to work out where it all is, I suspect all sorts of random "Android" issues are because of too little memory. I have trouble and I've got about 30MB free!
  6. elmodierx

    elmodierx New Member

    I tried allready deleting all text messages. What I think is strange is that I had 12 MB and directly after trying to install an new app by pc the internal memory was low. So a part of that should be somewhere. Is there a way to look in to that internal memory by pc or by phone?
  7. pompey7474

    pompey7474 Well-Known Member

    try going into manage applications and deleting all the cache on your apps which are installed may find you can get back quite a lot of memory that way i do it about once every 4 days .hope this helps

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