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Internal Error Code 28:07Support

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  1. Codger

    Codger Member

    Since yesterday my Apollo has been popping up the above (TalkMobile) message (with OK/Cancel options which have same non-effect). Yet. in all other respects, the phone seems to be behaving normally.

    Two things may have contributed to this - (a) Installing Go Launcher EX (now uninstalled) and (b) I dropped the phone, the back came off and the battery fell out!

    Any thoughts?

    [PS My objective in trying GO was to get sorted and stable drawer/folders - ie Apps on SD card didn't disappear from folders. AppZorter did the first but wouldn't do the second because the folders are on Home screens and not Apps Drawer (in their wisdom, Samsung TouchWiz doesn't support that - on Apollo anyway!)]

  2. Codger

    Codger Member

    Problem resolved...

    Very little info available by googling but the one reference I found suggested the sim may be corrupted - which, since the error pop-up mentioned my provider, seemed logical in this case. A visit to CarphoneWarehouse and, after very helpful service, a replacement sim was provided and all was well!

    Still not sure whether it was the drop or Go Launcher (which has some very worrying permissions open to abuse)?

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