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  1. maddfay

    maddfay Member

    Hi there! :D

    I did some searching but couldn't quite find exactly what I'm trying to figure out (unless I missed something!) :p

    Okay, I'm coming from the ThunderBolt (also had DX and OG Droid before that) so I'm quite familiar with Android and all it has to offer. :)

    One thing I noticed that's a bit odd though is after installing apps and such, it puts folders for them on the INTERNAL storage as opposed to every other Android I've had, putting the folders on the EXTERNAL storage. This caused a problem for me because my saved skins from Beautiful Widgets, for example, were on the external but the phone only wanted to read info from the INTERNAL, which was empty, of course. So... I moved the folder to the internal and now it finds the skins.

    Same thing happens with my Smart Keyboard Pro backup... I went to restore settings and it said there was no backup "restore failed"... so I plugged it in, navigated to the external then copied the folder and put it on the internal and now it can find the backup just fine.

    The same exact thing happened with my backup/restore of GoLauncherEX.

    I looked at the folders in the internal storage and noticed it created folders that are just like ones opn my SD card that Androids normally create. It even put a DCIM folder on my internal (but would prefer it on the external-- why have two things in two places and constantly have to fiddle with copying them over etc.) Even with older non-smartphones you could choose to put on phone or card memory... so I'm all confuzzlified...

    I never had to do anything like that before... all my previous phones always just read the folders from the SD card, no moving/copying them to internal etc. that just seems annoying to me...

    ANYone have any help on the matter??? Is there ANY way I can get it to read the folders from the SD card instead of the internal memory as my previous phones always did? :confused:


    EDIT: I Noticed that the phone's internal memory is called "sdcard" and my sd card is called "sdcard2" so apps keeps trying to find their information on the internal since it's called "sdcard" and they're not finding it on "sdcard2" half the time. When I look at the file location of something on the external it says "ext_sd/"

  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    Some info from user manual ...

    HTC Rezound with uses these storage types:

    Apps and data storage:
    Apps are installed to this storage, labeled as Internal storage in your phone settings. It also stores data such as your text messages, contacts you created or synchronized to your phone, account settings, and more. This storage is managed and carefully guarded by your phone since it contains your private information. When you connect your phone to your computer, this storage is not accessible from your computer. Storage contents will be erased when you do a factory reset. Make sure to back up your data before starting a factory reset. Some apps allow you to back up to your storage card, such as People.

    File storage:
    This is another built-in storage, labeled as Phone storage in your phone settings. This is where you can store your files. When you connect your phone to your computer, this storage is accessible and you can copy files between them. When you do a factory reset, you can choose whether to keep or erase the storage contents.

    Storage card:
    Your phone comes with a microSD card already installed. You can store your files such as photos, music, and videos to this removable storage. When you connect your phone to your computer, this storage is accessible and you can copy files between them.

  3. maddfay

    maddfay Member

    Yah... I read that before.. it just tells me about the two storages... if you see in my edit the internal memory is "sdcard" so apps and such look for their stored stuff in there so anything that I have on my actual sd card they might not find their info on... that's my problem... why don't it just read all the storage... the previous devices looked for stuff on "sdcard" which would normally be the external storage but now it's the internal... sooo confusing and annoying that i'll likely just have to make sure that both locations match for where it's needed I suppose...
  4. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    As I know the internal storage's access time is faster than the SD card's.
    Maybe that's the reason.

  5. Gall0wz

    Gall0wz New Member

    I have this issue as well because if you have an extensive music library like me you need the external to store it all. The music player will only add files stored on internal sd card to its library. This is very annoying. You can use a file browser to access music from external Sd card but it wont load full music player app and wont have beats.
  6. Grung

    Grung Active Member

    I have all 12GB of my music on the external card sdcard2 and the music app reads them all just fine. I did put them in a folder called 'music' -- don't know whether that did it, but kinda doubt it.
  7. thornev

    thornev Well-Known Member

    I believe Grung is correct. In order for the Music app (and other apps) to see your music files, they have to be in a folder on the SD card named Music. Videos have to be /Movies (although I see a /Video folder too created by Android). Ringtones have to be in /Ringtones. So when you plug your phone into a computer, select "Disk drive" and press the DONE button, and 3 drives can be opened. One of them is the SD card (it's called "Removable Disk" on my Windows 7 computer) to which you can store files into those folders.

    PS - The other 2 disks that are opened are called HTC STORAGE (the phone's own SD card, or I guess the internal storage) and CDROM. Make sure you properly EJECT each of the drives before disconnecting the phone from the computer so that files are not damaged.
  8. rustyhokie

    rustyhokie Active Member

    I have put Ringtones and alarms in the ext_sd/Music folder and the phone has found them with no problem.
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  9. Gall0wz

    Gall0wz New Member

    I see. This fixed my problem. The struture is different than my thunderbolt and Droid were. Thanks buddy
  10. Dukins

    Dukins Well-Known Member


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