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  1. Mir.

    Mir. Member

    Internal Memory full on Samsung Mini,what possibly can be the solution to this? Ive tried App2SD,Norton and few other apps trying to move apps to SD but none shows any application that can be moved from phone!

    I uninstalled few apps but got only about 2-4mb free.thats about it! How is it possible to free more space,even though most of my apps are installed on SD Card!

    PS: I even tried deleting msgs from inbox,call logs etc...but to no avail.

    If rooting is the solution? will it effect cellphone's performance?I dont want to mess up,i just bought it!:D

    Professional help needed by an amateur android user!Thanks

  2. vimal.purani

    vimal.purani New Member

    I'm also facing the same problem, can anyone help ..?
  3. jaikrishna

    jaikrishna Active Member

    I think that this could be because of one or very few apps using lot of memory.
    Just head to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Press Menu button > Select 'Sort by Size'
    (Or if it says 'sort a-z', do 'a-z' once and then press menu > sort by size).
    See the apps at the top of the list.

    In my phone, it is the Maps which uses nearly 10 mb. Consider uninstalling the apps larger than 10 Mb.

    Then clear cache from task manager and also from apps2sd.
  4. litheis

    litheis Member

    possibly a lot of apps that use a lot of RAM..
    agree with krishna, uninstall apps which use a lot of RAM if you dont needed, for example Illusia use 18,xx mb on ram, if you dont need that game so uninstall it..
  5. Mir.

    Mir. Member

    well the maximum size of applications are hardly 7-9mb, consumed by Facebook & MoboPlayer. Total space adds up to 80-90mb thats it. Where is the rest? I dont have any App above 10mb! :s

    Plus removing cache only gives me about 2-3mb Maximum! My internal memory hangs b/we 18-20mb . I need more!

    P.S: All my applications (as shown by different apps) are installed on SD Card! :s
    * I havent played Illusia yet, never installed it.Angry Birds takes the maximum space, in games iv got,that is around 3mb!

    Thank you for your replies,but still in need of an advice.
  6. Mir.

    Mir. Member

    *18-20mb free! thats' all the space i have in my internal memory. Have to delete apps once its lower than 14mb...cant recv txt msgs even when it gets below 12-14mb!
  7. Mir.

    Mir. Member

    Iv found the solution to my problem (thank you google!) :

    Follow the following links:


    and hope all turns out good!:)

    I'll try it soon with my cell..and if it survives will update here.
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  8. Mir.

    Mir. Member

    successfully done!!
  9. Fixxxer_K12

    Fixxxer_K12 New Member

    I did it too and it seems to be working.
    Although, even like this, the internal memory is still too small..
    If I root my phone, is there anything I can do to increase the size of the partition so there is more free space? thanks
  10. drumstix116

    drumstix116 Member

    Root your phone. Partition your SD card with minitool parition wizard using your pc. Install Link2SD on your phone and let it use the new partition on the SD card. For apps that are already installed on the SD card, you will need to move it back to the phone memory first then use Link2SD to move it to the SD card. It works perfectly for me even on widgets and it no longer eats up the phone memory.
  11. xmajk

    xmajk Member

  12. nabil321

    nabil321 New Member

    even i am facing the same problum can anyone plz help me plzzz
    abd @mir iz ur fone fixed? plz help me :)
  13. loverman

    loverman New Member

    The easiest way to dump the internal memory:
    1 - dial * # 9900 #
    2 -choose (copy to sd card)
    This method will give you more than 50 MB free memory
    I tried this method and is effective
    it makes my memory 117/181
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  14. Dr.MacConKey

    Dr.MacConKey New Member

    thanks its work but i want to know what is this code and the Sysdump and what it copy to memory ?!!!!! what the magic ????
  15. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

    it is one of the samsung secret code that let you do things that can't be done from the system itself... (so, playing with them without much knowledge can be dangerous...) Copy to memory means it will copy those data ans apps that are in sytem memory to sdcard if they support application 2 sd..
    There are many other secret codes that let you access hidden options. Go to this link Samsung Mobile Code - for more.
  16. dhruvbatra205

    dhruvbatra205 Well-Known Member

    You can also try upgrading to gingerbread if you are on froyo. Gingerbread gives more internal memory, i guess because the system files take less internal memory as compared to froyo ones.
    I have my device on gingerbread and its rooted. I get about 50mb free with over 50 apps and games.
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  17. egyhamada

    egyhamada New Member

    It is a magic thank you very much
  18. Venki4u

    Venki4u Member

    how did u install it directly to the sd memory? Is there any way to change installation location in the phone itself? I mean in galaxy s5570?
  19. Venki4u

    Venki4u Member

    how did u install it directly to the sd memory? Is there any way to change installation location in the phone itself? I mean in galaxy s5570?
  20. Venki4u

    Venki4u Member

    How do u install apps to d sd memory in my galaxy s5570? Is there any way to change install locations in the phone itself??
  21. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

    Please go through this article Handy Informations: How to Install Applications to SD Card in Your Android Smart Phone? It has details on that..

    Also you can install app to sdcard by using these commands in adb or terminal emulator....
    pm setInstallLocation 2
    (to sdcard)
    to change to default settings
    pm setInstallLocation 0
    (auto install)
  22. Venki4u

    Venki4u Member

    i didnt get wat u were saying... I dont knw programmin.... Cn u cud say in detail abt changin location to sd or auto install?
  23. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

    Did you went through this article Handy Informations: How to Install Applications to SD Card in Your Android Smart Phone?
    It has detail about it...

    Also there ain't any programming...
    Just open terminal emulator app or shell commander app from the market and then type these commands in the the application..

    pm setInstallLocation 2

    (it will change the default install location to external storage... if you want to set it back to auto type 0 instead of 2)
    Note widgets and (probably some app) might not work correctly while you install them in sdcard...
  24. Venki4u

    Venki4u Member

    Ohh.... Nd do I need 2 put spaces after su nd the other terms?? Nd wat does it mean by rooted device?
  25. yagya

    yagya Well-Known Member

    I recommend you go through these links:
    Handy Informations: How to Root FROYO/Android 2.2 Devices?

    Handy Informations: How to Root Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GTS5570 Running Gingerbread 2.3.4 OS?

    (Rooting means to gain special superuser permission that will allow you full access to the system.. .Its like using sudo su in linux...:)
    Yes hit enter after su
    and the in the nest line type the command as it is (remember linux and android are case sensitives )
    pm setInstallLocation 2

    I recommend you play more with your phone and try using terminal emulator...:D:)

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