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  1. jeremy1701

    jeremy1701 Well-Known Member

    I have this phone, but I cannot figure out how to free up any internal memory. It's currently at 4 mb free, which isn't even enough to play music. I have every app that can possibly be moved already on the SD card, the rest are 'system' apps that cannot be moved. I've cleared all the caches and used the 'free up memory' app. Anything else I can do? Seems like even at stock, the phone doesn't even have enough memory.

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    ATT SALES REP New Member

    I had a customer come in with the same problem: Not able to download apps due to full memory. She purchased a 4mb SD card to put her apps on the card to free up memory and that still didnt resolve the problem. What can we do to free up space on the internal memory to get her downloading apps again?
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  3. jeremy1701

    jeremy1701 Well-Known Member

    I have a 16 gb SD card that is not even 10% full. I've moved every app I could to the sd card.
  4. ranchero64

    ranchero64 New Member

    I have the same issue. the phone has a 16gb card and i am not able to move any more info over. HTC says that its an att issue due to all the " added on software" or "bloatware" and no one at ATT know how to fix the issue. beyond them. so what i did was a "factory data reset" this gave me from 2mb all the way to 110mb! after i reloaded everything that I needed i was down to 99mb. seems to be working fine. but there has got to be a better way to fix this. i want all the useless ATT apps GONE.
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  5. phantomberry

    phantomberry New Member

    Even with a 16gb SD Card.. this seems to be a common problem, I am currently using this phone too thinking it would be like a real android, like my last... the memory issue is a bummer, I cant even update preloaded apps.. AT&T has no fix (thats where i work) and HTC blames AT&T :(
  6. Deeva29

    Deeva29 New Member

    This is seriously making me wish I had gotten an Iphone instead because downloading apps are the best thing about having these phones. Not being able to is really disappointing.:mad:
  7. 1973Cougar

    1973Cougar New Member

    I have an HTC Status and I have the same problem - This is driving me nuts that I have a 16gb SD card installed and I cannot download any apps cause the internal memory is full. There has to be a way to delete the AT and T programs that are mostly useless
  8. JTM65

    JTM65 New Member

    My daughters phone has the same issue. No room for apps, even though there is room on her SD card. Very frustrating.
  9. niknaknub

    niknaknub New Member

    Had similar problems for weeks and finally rang HTC yesterday - they were baffled as to why my contacts were taking up 54 mb when I only had 100 contacts (should take about 5mb). 45 minutes later they told me to do a factory reset and I now have 122mb whereas i had 5mb beforehand.
  10. Jim72936

    Jim72936 New Member

    I have the same memory issues with my HTC Status... Terrible.. It make the phone non functioning
  11. Jim72936

    Jim72936 New Member

    As an ATT business customer I bought two HTC Status phones in September. One for myself and one for another member of our company. Within a 30 days both phones were having the same memory issues. Headaches...


    I. Buggy Issues

    1. Has an irritating problem while typing text messages. As you type messages it sometime throws you out of your text message box in the middle of a typing stroke. Very frustrating.

    2. If you are in the middle of typing a message you will have it all wiped out if a new call or message arrives while typing. Again very Irritating.

    II OUT Of Memory ERROR-- the big one

    1. OUT of Memory Error: I repeatedly had to go into programs and delete programs and data several times per week.

    2. The memory error would give you a routine that was supposed to clear up the error. Very seldom did it address the memory issue.

    3. Appears that HTC has some software issues yet they continue to allow the phone to be shipped and sold.

    4. I called tech support for HTC 1-866-449-8358. . I hoped they might have some patch or update. Nothing, the tech guy tried to simply walk me through the data deletion routine.

    5. The phones are being sold as something they are not. The are almost non functioning for practical every day use.

    6. My phone shows 138 Meg used of 150 Megs available.... (I have downloaded 21 applications six of which are Google related . ) A 2010 Neilson Study showed smart phone users downloading an average of 27 apps to their phone, which is up from 22 in December 2009. According to Nielsen, which conducted a survey among 4,000 mobile subscribers, the iPhone not surprisingly led the pack with users downloading an average of 40 apps. Android came in second with 25 downloads per device,

    150 Megs!!! HTC is too smart to have not know this was insufficient.. It was flawed at development and they knew it when they put it on the market. They got greedy and figured most of you would not bother to protest. They have taken our money and are now running.

    III Poor Battery Performance:
    Ive had a lot of smart phones Treo, Blackberry, I-phone, and the HTC STATUS is by far the worst performer with regards to battery life.


    If you are looking for a real keyboard on in a compact, easy to handle, ergonomically designed smart phone the HTC Status is a winner. It looks sharp, feels just doesn't work very well.

    Would I recommend this phone? I wouldn't even think about it. It sucks!
  12. 1973Cougar

    1973Cougar New Member

    Sold my status.couldn't deal with the issues anymore and got a torch 2
  13. HTCStatusAwful

    HTCStatusAwful New Member

    This phone is awful. I have had it for three months and it has had nearly every problem possible. Even though I have a 4GB card with only .5GB of it used, Memory is always "not sufficient" so I am constantly having to reset, delete or stop running applications. I only have about 10 applications on the phone (all saved to the card) but rarely use them due to INTERNAL memory running out so quickly. At one point I took it to Best Buy where they did a factory reset. I was told it was the Facebook application, that it would not stop trying to sync data which was causing the memory problem. Still two weeks later, the phone was out of memory.

    Also, this is my first android but I can tell you the battery life in my opinion is downright ridiculous. If you have any application on the phone running, the battery will die within 3 to 4 hours. If you are not using any apps it will run as a phone for generic use for maybe 10 hours. What's worse, they don't even sell compatible batteries to keep on hand.

    Other problems include:

    1. Not receiving multi-media messages (what should be a pretty basic function)
    2. Friends/contacts info not syncing, having to load them manually
    3. Screen continually scrolling to the top in the middle of typing a text
    4. Inability to save large texts
    5. Visual preferences not working
    6. 20 useless pre-loaded applications (some of them with duplicate capabilities (2 music apps, maps apps, places apps, twitter apps)) with the inability to delete them.
    7. Facebook has you signed in 24/7, no ability to sign out which results in chat requests from friends at all hours
    8. Newly added contacts not being saved


    1. Tactile keyboard
    2. Contact pictures and phone numbers (when properly synced) are very useful/nice.
    3. Pre-loaded Maps application is very efficient and helpful.
    4. Camera quality is excellent
    5. Visually very appealing

    All in all, DO NOT BUY THIS PHONE. It is worse than a phone without app abilities.
  14. pascazio

    pascazio New Member

    This could be a great phone, if HTC and ATT would only get their acts together. I have the same memory (and other) issues with my HTC Status as the rest of you. I even installed a 16 GB card, thinking that this would solve the memory issue, but only one of my apps was able to be moved to the card. Lame.

    What is up with not being able to save photos to the 16 GB card? That is ludicrous! If I take 2 or 3 photos, suddenly my memory is full and I am unable even to view the photos that I took. Assinine. I then have to plug the phone into a PC in order to delete the photos and clear that much memory. As one of you said, I cannot even update the apps that came with the phone, (not that I use them, yet can't delete them).

    I, too, have gotten no satisfaction from ATT or HTC on these issues. Just yesterday, I spoke to a rep at the ATT store in the local mall. He claimed to be "the number one tech savvy ATT employee in the entire state", and the best he could do was shrug his shoulders and tell me that that's the way it is, and that I have to live with it. WHAT?!?

    These companies are taking our money and giving us crap. This is WRONG. Maybe if enough of us make enough of a stink, something will be done. Give us a phone that works the way we expect it to work. Is that really too much to ask for our money?
  15. Nicraz

    Nicraz New Member

    I just got the HTC Status used on eBay and the problem with the memory is definitely a PITA. However, have you guys even considered rooting it? This is my first Android phone and I love it. I just ditched my BlackBerry Pearl 9100 for it. I chose this one because I don't like phones with no keyboards.
  16. Lionslair77

    Lionslair77 New Member

    Found a little trick for memory. I am also having issues with memory, and downloading FB updates really mess that up. so every time there is an update, i delete the old one first taking it back to the original settings. Then i clear the Cashe out then update the FB. Works great for about 3 days then i get the low memory notice again. I cant allow anything to update.

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