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  1. tismoi

    tismoi Member


    for some reason i only have 11.62 MB space left in my internal memory, but only have a few apps actually stored here (only totalling less 10 MB of space), as i have moved everything i can to the sd card.
    Does anyone know what the rest of the memory is being used by?
    Is there a way of freeing up some memory on the phone?

    This lack of memory has left me unable to update application, and also complete the new system update.

    Does anyone know of a application i could use to move everything i possibly can over to the sd card, as i have 1.67GB of free space on it, and so want to use it.
    If you do, could i be cheeky and ask for a step by step guide as to how to move things across, as i have tried to use apps like astro file manager, but have been unable to work out if they can be used to move things to my sd card.

    thanks for you time

  2. ratzbelieve

    ratzbelieve Member

  3. tismoi

    tismoi Member

    Thanks - i've done that, but it hasn't cleared up enough space still on my phone, do you know of any other ways to reduce the number of things using the phone's memory rather than the sd card?
  4. jaypeecee

    jaypeecee Well-Known Member

    Hi tismoi,

    Suggest you search for App 2 SD (by Sam Lu) on Android Market. This app makes moving apps to the SD card a breeze. It's self-explanatory.

    All the best!

  5. tismoi

    tismoi Member

    Thanks, that's helped move what ever ut us possible to, however, i still only have 12mb free, there's not more i can move short of uninstalling the g-mail, facebook for htc, youtube etc applications, which seems stupid.
  6. Harish Harris

    Harish Harris Well-Known Member

    You can move only the apps which you installed from market to the SD card. But the inbuilt apps like GMail, Facebook and others consume a lot of internal memory. Also the contact storage takes a lot of space if you fill more details for an individual(like photo, mail-id, address). So it is better you keep only the data which are necessary.
  7. tismoi

    tismoi Member

    Any other tips? I've deleted all my messages, unsynced all of my contacts, moved all the apps I can and deleted extra photos. Is there anything more I can do, as I have no idea how I can free up anymore memory. I still only have 11mb worth of free space
  8. Nowhereman437

    Nowhereman437 Member

    One thing I've noticed is that when i go into Settings-SD & phone settings it says in the Internal storage section under Available space-11.96 MB but when i try and dl an app that is only 2.19 MB it says there isn't enough space. Anyone know why this is? Thanks.
  9. Calomax

    Calomax Well-Known Member

    Not every one, I have some from the Market that I can't move. apparently it's up to the developers.
  10. cayaenator

    cayaenator Member

    Yeah, the Wildfire S is pretty much useless unless you are willing to root it and put in some work rebuilding it. Voids the warranty, but standard I figure there isn't much use for it being a Droid. if your willing to root your phone, I can tell you what I used. Tried a bunch of stuff before I was satisfied, but I have like 100mb to play with.
  11. Nowhereman437

    Nowhereman437 Member

    I've fired off a few emails to some developers to ask them why. Watch this space...well maybe! Next I'm gonna threaten to uninstall their ass unless they let me move it to my sd card.
  12. Nowhereman437

    Nowhereman437 Member

    I wouldn't say that. I'm not sure what other phones can do so I've not really got a frame of ref. but I've been playing around with mine tonight and have freed up a lot of INternal memory. Mainly by uninstalling updates and clearing data. I'm working on the presumption that I can uninstally updates to free space use that space to dl apps that can then be moved to the SD card and then the next time there's an update to the app that I had uninstall the previous update for it will reinstall the up to date update which will effectively reinstall the previous updates I'd uninstalled. Does that make sense?
  13. cayaenator

    cayaenator Member

    if you only use a few apps you can get by with just uninstalling up dates but I don't think its worth having a Droid that way. I have mine root, custom rom, use Droidsail SD which moves more apps than any other one I've found even without the programmer allowing their app being moved. I have 22 apps on my Droid I've chose to download myself, the crap removed that I don't use and still have 130mb free. I didn't look into the WILDFIRE before buying it so no one to blame but myself, but out of owning a Samsung and two LG's, I'm used to having at least 50mb more memory from the get go.
  14. proc

    proc Well-Known Member

    I was suffering from the same problems of low internal memory, however to get the latest software update for this phone i just uninstalled some apps like facebook and after the update i had more than 60MB of space available (with other apps still installed).
    I had to reset my phone the other day and was pleased to find 125MB of internal memory free after the reset; with the previous software version it was only about 50 or 60MB after a factory reset if i can remember correctly. As far as i can see they have tried solving the low internal memory issue with t he latest v2.3.5.
    So OP, uninstall some apps even the necessary ones and carry out the system update i'm sure more memory would become available.
  15. jenak

    jenak New Member

    A short term solution... Go to some of the factory installed apps and click the uninstall updates. They do auto-updates for a lot of them, like Gmail, Google Search, Google Books and Twitter. Without the updates, my gmail app uses 2mb and with the updates it's something like 6mb. You can probably gain enough memory back to get your update complete (I gained at least 10mb this way, maybe closer to 15).

    The programs will still work just fine and you can update them again later if you want to.
  16. Nowhereman437

    Nowhereman437 Member

    I just said that a few posts back!
  17. with App2sd I have 60MB free with lots of app installed. It refreshes the real free space only after reboot. Did you restart the phone? Also run the app to free space, it could be you have a lot of cache from apps, or too many e-mails. Delete everything.
  18. djthebogan

    djthebogan Well-Known Member

    Format SD card, create 512mb or larger ext partition, s off, root, custom recovery, install custom ROM with apps2sd enabled. Can also move dalvik cache to ext using apps2sd GUI. This will resolve your internal memory problem indefinitely and is all automatic.

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