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  1. blade500

    blade500 Member

    I have an 8gb micro sd card and I have moved all my apps onto it.However my internal memory is nearly completely used up (24mb) but I have no Idea what with.I've deleted 99% of my photos and I have about 20 txt messages so why is it so low? What can I do to increase the internal memory? Would clearing all the caches of the apps help?

    Thank you!

  2. Phantogenic

    Phantogenic Well-Known Member

    I found that contacts cache was what used up all my memory on my old LG. If you have your facebook sync set up or other accounts that use your contacts - it will be photos and data from there.
  3. blade500

    blade500 Member

    I had a look in my settings and I haven't gotten any accounts other than my gmail account set up with my zte blade and only a handful of contacts so I shouldn't see how that could be a problem.But thank you for the suggestion :)
  4. Phantogenic

    Phantogenic Well-Known Member

    Try looking through settings>applications>manage applications. Go through each one and check the space used by each application, you may find its temporary files used by maps or navigation. 24MB is not a huge amount so even a lot of small programs can quickly add up. Adobe uses a fairly large chunk of memory...
  5. Bejenaru

    Bejenaru New Member

    How do you do it ?
  6. blade500

    blade500 Member

    I used Links2sd but there are many apps to move apps to sd on the market ;)
  7. peanutmans

    peanutmans Member

    Even though apps are on the sd some internal space is used still for each app sadly :s

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