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  1. Tom1

    Tom1 Member

    I have monitored my internal memory carefully and had 70mb...I turn on the phone again and says 40kb...Without doing anything..Has anyone had there internal memory disappear for no reason. Thanks

  2. Ivy547

    Ivy547 Active Member

    I believe text messages and things like app cache used up memory. Do you have an app cache cleaner? I use app2SD and works nicely. Hope this helps!
  3. Tom1

    Tom1 Member

    Thanks for the advice...I think the poor sd card that comes with the phone can cause internal memory problems..Thanks again
  4. crisdonjake

    crisdonjake Member

    Since a lot of People Having Problem in Internal Memory Space.
    By the Heart of Pilipino Pride Man. We Help those who need Help.
    Be A Good Samaritan.

    Here is the Instructions To Clear/Clean Internal Memory of Android Phones

    1. Dial * # 9900 #

    2. Select/Click "Copy to SD"..
    ( this will copy all dump files from internal to SD Card, because all dump files consumes large amount of internal memory) Note: Only Select the "Copy to SD" Be carefull...

    And see the MAGGGGIIIICCCCCC internal MEMORY FREE..

    . -----You May Experiment to Another Android Phones Using this Instructions------------------By: Donald IT/Support Doha Qatar...Mabuhay Pilipinas.!!!!...

    And I HOPE IT HELPS A LOT....!!!!
  5. tracsportva

    tracsportva Well-Known Member

    Does this really work, has anyone done this before?
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  6. Dan Davies

    Dan Davies Well-Known Member

    Has anyone done this? Is it real?


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