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  1. 8Ball

    8Ball Well-Known Member

    So is the reported 2Gb internal memory just storage or will the apps be installed there? If it's the latter it looks promising for me too. 2Gb is plently for apps and it means I don't have to worry about apps2sd feature of Froyo.

    Am seriously thinking about this phone, but hoping it will come to UK Vodafone.

  2. karnka

    karnka Well-Known Member

    Given that Vodafone don't carry a single Motorola handset I think it's very very unlikely. The only network that has any is Orange and they never had the Milestone etc so.....
  3. 8Ball

    8Ball Well-Known Member

    In that case I'll see if I can get a Galaxy Tab as an upgrade and just buy the Defy SIM free. Anyone know if you can install apps to the 2Gb memory?
  4. 8Ball

    8Ball Well-Known Member

    Can anyone let us know about the apps and internal 2Gb memory yet?
  5. 20054797

    20054797 Member

    phono to moto to ask about this question,2G can store lots of softwares,but to manage the softwares is a problem
  6. 20054797

    20054797 Member

    photo to MOTO to ask the question!!!
  7. 8Ball

    8Ball Well-Known Member

    Just been looking on the Motorola site to contact them about the internal memory and found this:


    Looks like Vodafone UK are supporting the Defy as it's got a manual for 360 which I thought they were discontinuing.....

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