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  1. havextree

    havextree New Member

    I put everything I could into my SD card which has plenty of room but my internal memory is always on the brink of being full. What caches or files can I delete? I've looked through the whole phone several times and can't figure out what is taking so much room. Any tips to open up more space without rooting my phone?

  2. Country Dad

    Country Dad Well-Known Member

    I have mine really low, you can remove alot, but something who have to have things to replace them, for example the web, List here what you have, and Ill help you with what you can remove?
  3. MysteryEmotion

    MysteryEmotion Well-Known Member

    Uninstall gmail, maps, gtalk, search, n download them from the market. This puts them in data/app instead of system/app. All those apps have been updated so theres a apk in both places. You can also use titnaium back up n merge the system updates.

    Uninstall the browser n download dolphin hd. Its a better browser n can be pushed to sd.

    Uninstall the gallery n download quickpic. Again its better n get push to sd.

    Download launcher pro then uninstall the stock launcher. Launcher pro can be pushed to sd also.

    Remove all the bloat in system/app following the guide posted here.

    I'm sure I'm missing more but its a start.
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  4. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    how "space" works, ill try to explain it best as possible.

    you have a windows computer with a bunch of hard drives in it, lets say 160gb is your c:\ drive. 160gb is your spare drive. well you think to yourself lemme free up some space on my c:\ drive by installing all of my programs on the spare drive (d:\) as well as all my settings so that way just windows is on c:\.... (this is how android is set up, the "OS" is on /system and you cant touch it without root. while everything you add/install/download/etc, all goes to your /data partition)

    so now you have all those programs on d:\ you keep downloading and installing apps... but youve got 160GB's so all is cool right? well as it turns out windows update... decided that your c:\ drive was a little full so all updates now go to your d:\ drive. so now you have your settings, programs and updates all on d:\ (which is where the market installs apps).

    yet get a warning "whoa dude youve got low memory, cant install anymore programs!!!" so what do you do? you go to c:\ and think well hell i never use internet explorer... ill get rid of that, so now you freed up a bunch of space right?

    nope. sorry you got some space on c:\ but that isnt where you are installing things... so it doenst even matter really.

    the biggest issue you guys have is the google apps... like maps which is a fairly large program, and gets updates quite a bit you actually have two copies of it. one in /data/app (where market installs apps) and in /system/app (what came preinstalled on the phone) now you dont get to see how much space is available in /system/app so its just a guessing game.. if you really wanna free up some space, then get the latest apps and put them in /system/app replacing the older ones. (which is why any updates you guys get will "free up space" cuz they update the version preinstalled so it doesnt have to be on your data partition taking up your space.)

    this is also why.. when you root putting su and superuser.apk on your c:\ drive doing a factory reset, doesnt change that... as imagine a factory reset formatting your d:\ drive.. it will clear out all your personal stuff, but leaves the os intact
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  5. Mmazz

    Mmazz Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tutorial guys but Mystery recommends moving google stuff to data, and Shabby says move them to system. Now I am really confused?
  6. ATRAIN904

    ATRAIN904 Well-Known Member

    I uninstalled GMAIL and then downloaded it from the market. Now i cannot enter Gmail it gives an error every time. I have tried to leave it on the phone memory & sdcard and neither work. What gives? Help someone ?

  7. MysteryEmotion

    MysteryEmotion Well-Known Member

    Clear cache n data on all google applications
  8. ATRAIN904

    ATRAIN904 Well-Known Member

    did it already prior to posting .. restarted phone and did again.. killed all tasks , cachemate for root users did over n over .. still same error message .. it cannot access the app not 1 time since deleting and downloading from market .. on phone memory or sdcard .. can someone else do this and report back what happens .. ..
  9. Verbosity

    Verbosity Member


    I had the same problem you had once removing google search, and gmail

    hell i even used Titanium Backup to merge an update that my market had....

    long and short of it was my gmail and market stopped working and force closed all the time...

    what i enedup doing was I downloaded the apps to my phone again.... either through an apk site or the market... and then I installed them but didn't open them...

    Went into Titanium Backup and found the app (eg gmail) highlighted it and selected make sys app... the phone did it's thing and rebooted and after it does you can run your app again...

    although you lose the space you gained so idk exactly.... but this also worked for my market as well so.....
  10. ATRAIN904

    ATRAIN904 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the help. Sounds like it would solve the issue but now i realize that is one option i cannot do with titanium backup because i have the free version .. ehh .. any other ways to make something a system app outside of using this program?
  11. IceDragon1971

    IceDragon1971 New Member

    k i can understand certain things, but how do i get rid of things i dont use like google pinyin or however you spell it.
    Also i cant move my google apps to sd card and when i go to market it says installed.
    The reason i posted here is because i needed to update a game i am playing had enough room to d/l but not enough to install and game is on sd but d/l to phone is there a way to tell it to install to sd card.

    Samsung Admire is what i have

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