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  1. pradhr

    pradhr Member


    My phone has suddenly started showing me messages "Internal Phone Storage Memory is low".
    After getting that problem, I have uninstalled many applications. Moved all of the allowable applications to SD Card. Restarted my phone. But still showing the same message.

    I think, it is not applications but something else.
    (1) I often take photos and send through email. I have moved all of my photos to "/sdcard/external_sd/DCIM".
    (2) I put my mp3 and doc always in "external_sd".

    Please let me know, what should I do? Can I increase the "System Memory"?


  2. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    Maybe you can go to task manager and look at the storage. See how much has been used. You cannot increase the internal storage as it is fixed.

    Some apps will leave the data in the 11.5GB USB storage even after uninstall. You can manually delete those files.

    And the worst case would probably to do a factory reset.
  3. pradhr

    pradhr Member

    Thank you for reply.
    I think, something wrong in my phone. I have uninstalled most of the applications. But my System Storage is showing 1.92GB/1.97GB. If I make total of all the applications and multiply by 2. Still the 1.92GB is too much.
    Can there be some virus? I have already installed AVG anti virus from the beginning.
    And I visit only common websites.

    Is there any application, which can clear out the stuff?
    Please guide me, I have taken out the battery and put it again in case anything holding in memory. Thanks.
  4. samchk11

    samchk11 Member

    I had same problem..I did factory reset to regain system memory..I am still not able to find what is causing this but seems like when I connect to wifi then system memory usage goes up by 3-4 MB.If you find solution do let em know.
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  5. pradhr

    pradhr Member

    Finally I did factory reset and the problem is solved.
    I have first uninstalled the existing applications and then did factory reset and then installed all the applications again.
    Now System Storage is 388MB out of 1.97GB. Same applications are installed.
  6. pradhr

    pradhr Member

    And it again having the same problem i.e. "Internal Memory Full". I did reset again.
    I got Version Android 2.3.6. Is this the latest version. Is it the version problem?
    May this version is having some problem? Which is fixed in later version?

    I see some people using the Icream Sandwitch. But I don't know how to do this?
    Pleaes guide me.
  7. vpelton

    vpelton Well-Known Member

    So true. I uninstalled an app (Maverick, offline maps), but it left data on my cell. Under "internal phone storage", it lists a folder "maverick". Can I just delete the folder? Or will it mess up anything? Thanks.
  8. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    You can delete the folders. If you reinstall the app, you or the app would just have to redownload the data again. But its safe to delete if you are not using it.
  9. vpelton

    vpelton Well-Known Member

    Thanks for giving me peace of mind.
  10. makko2

    makko2 New Member

    Hello, I have the same problem! My phone gives me the same error message. I just got a 32GM flash card and I still get that error. Can somebody teach me how to fix it? Thanks
  11. immortalneo

    immortalneo Well-Known Member

    Try these in order and stop when u gain internal memory:

    Clear app caches first.
    Delete folders of unistalled apps.
    Then delete unwanted apps.
    Delete any temporary files like thumbnail caches, log files, LOST.DIR files, etc
    Go to recovery and wipe cache partition.

    If all else fails, factory reset. :)
  12. Aneesh BK

    Aneesh BK New Member

    You need to dial *#9900# which will open the SysDump utility. Here you can select Delete dumpstate/logcat which will free up the internal storage from all those logs..

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