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  1. soso94

    soso94 Active Member

    Firstly.. I know there are other posts about this problem but none have the answer :/
    My problem is just what the title says i always have this error message in my notification bar ... Although i dont have much apps the biggest size of them is the market app which takes only about less than 9 mb and the others are all smaller than this and are all on sd card and i have only one message and i installed this 1tap app and cleared the cache and some data i didnt need which helped increasing the available internal storage from 6mb to 19 mb ..... And thats all i still have this annoying error message.
    Plz help me im not able to install lots of apps that i need which is what the point of buying such a device with android :(
    Plz help and dnt ignore :/

  2. indradha

    indradha New Member

    i did have samsung galaxy young (now using galaxy nexus though)
    and as i remember... i always get low-disk notification if it reach below 20 or 22 mb, just add up a little bit space and hope the notification gone :D
  3. Matty18

    Matty18 Well-Known Member

    If you have a micro SD card then I would recommend moving as many apps over to that as possible.

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