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internal "sd card" vs external microSD cardSupport

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  1. alexxxplosion

    alexxxplosion New Member

    Hi, this is my first post here...

    I'm totally new to the mobile-Android's stuff.

    Basically, I think I don't understand how my phone manage the data concerning the "sd" term:

    I bought a 16G microsd card. I was expecting to be able to move almost everything I want to this external storage.

    From the freshly downloaded applications , I choose "move to sd card". From that point, I am expecting to see application on the 16g sd card. In fact, there is nothing on the 16g card (?).

    Then I installed a file explorer (IO File Manager) to help me understand that. The explorer shows me:
    [house icon]/mnt/sd card (with a nice sdcard icon)

    I expect this sd card to be the 16g sd card... but there is all bunch of stuff on this sd card and the details says it has 890MB. For sure this is not my 16g sd card.

    Then I installed "App2Sd" app. There is an icon "on sd card" containing the apps "moved to sd card" but the total size is 9.75G. Other icon "phone only" chows 2.46G.

    Of course, if I plug the 16G micro sd card in my laptop... nothing is visible on it.

    After a couples of web research, I think the phone contains an "internal device storage" considered as a "sd card" (which is very confusing, all my problem start from that "sd" term).

    And no app seems to be able to offer to move stuff to the ~external~ 16g microsd. Every mention to the "sd card" refer to the "internal device storage". But... I don't care about that "internal device storage", I want to use the external sd card for the maximum of stuff (apps, etc.).

    Any help will be appreciated,



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  2. Crashdamage

    Crashdamage Well-Known Member

    The phone has 16GB internal storage. About 10GB is for ordinary data storage and formatted FAT32. This shows up as:

    Another 2+ GB is formatted ext4 and is used for applications. The rest is of the internal storage is several ext4 partitions used for the OS, etc.

    Your external (removable) microSD card is all FAT32 and shows up as:

    You probably have no need for Apps2SD. Early phones and cheap newer ones have limited internal storage so moving apps to the external SD card was developed as a workaround. The Amaze has plenty of internal space so that's very unlikely to ever be a problem.

    Only parts of applications can be put on SD anyway. Some system files must be installed on the internal storage for apps to run.
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  3. alexxxplosion

    alexxxplosion New Member

    Thanks for the answer, I have a better view of how disk space is organised.

    So... I'll need to change my vision of thing about the fact that apps are "local". Basically, external sd is only use for document like music, photos, etc. Ok, I get it.


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