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  1. Tsskies

    Tsskies Member

    I keep getting a "Internal Service Failure" on some apps. I plan on flashing the device back to it's vanilla state anyway, so I did today, but I still get the "Internal Service Failure" on the magic doodle app that I got from amazon, and the super dynamite. Anyone know what might be doing this?

  2. Tsskies

    Tsskies Member

    I still really need help with this , I can't use any of my amazon apps. Oh and I tried the solution from the other thread and that didn't work, I need help!
  3. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    What are u running? Stock or a custom rom? I don't use Amazon apps but I run into a post that said issues with Amazon was solved on the newest CM nightly. Which led me to believe to believe that this issue affects certain certain roms.
  4. Tsskies

    Tsskies Member

    I'm using vegan gingerbread rc1
  5. Tsskies

    Tsskies Member

    I found out I have problems with cookies in my browser also, I'm starting to think my router might me blocking some ports. If that's true what are the g tablets ports?
  6. eracet

    eracet New Member

    Did you have any luck with this issue, I cannot find any fixes for this error

    Edit : Found the error after a few days work.
    Amazon app store program was not registered correctly for downloaded apps to work.
    Any applications closed that where purchased from the Amazon app store soon after opening and gave the error.
    De registering device from a browser and reinstalling Amazon application worked.
    You just need to make sure the device is re-registered to use the amazon app market by signing in.

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