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Internal storage fills up.General

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  1. techmike

    techmike Member

    Hi, I have a rooted Pantech Pocket, ATT as carrier. When the phone was new, I loaded just a few apps, Titanium back up and SD maid, created an update.zip file on the SD card and the empty internal storage was about 300MB. I use the phone for texting, email viewing, a little browsing, and well, as a phone. No gaming, or streaming audio or video. My internal storage is now around 50MB. I have frozen and uninstalled much of the bloat-ware that came with the phone, and that will seem to free some storage, but it also seems to fill right back up. I am suspecting some log files somewhere, and have run all of the SD Maid cleaners, I have also (I think) turned off all auto updating, but no joy in Toledo. Any suggestions for the noob?


  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    I have moved this thread into the Pantech Pocket forums. I know these forums aren't that popular but I just wanted to see if anyone else with your device can offer some assistance to this issue with storage that you are having.

    Hope this helps. If this goes unheard then please get back to me and we can move this thread. :)
  3. techmike

    techmike Member

    An update on my internal storage issue:
    *Found the "Factory Data Reset" function under settings/privacy.
    *Did the reset and internal storage went from 46mb to 342mb. There were a few issues after, home button was inop, and the launcher was gone. All downloaded apps were also gone, but that was expected.
    *Downloaded and re-installed Titanium Back-up, and ran a batch job: Restore System Data (from SD)
    * All is good, launcher is back, home button works, 342 mb internal storage available. Everything works fine.

    But, internal storage is slowly filling up again. Three days after the reset, I am down to 327mb. I have not installed any apps, I have updates turned off on everything I can find, background data is off. Any suggestions on how to find out what is causing this?

  4. techmike

    techmike Member

    Might have found the problem. In the data directory I found a long list of "bug reports". From the date/time stamp on the reports, the phone was generating 4 to 10 of these reports a day, each one was about 1.8mb in size. Deleted them and amazingly got all of my internal storage back. Then after some searching, found a reference that linked Titanium Backup to this issue. When installing, Titanium Backup instructs you to turn USB debug mode on. Apparently with debug mode on, activating the volume switch causes a debug report to be generated. I am assuming the switch was activating in my phone case accidentally. Turned debug mode off, will monitor to see if this is a fix.
  5. andresvg8

    andresvg8 New Member

    Hi, I'm Andres and i have some issues with my Pantech Pocket. It starts the OS but is unstable. Can i download your firmware backup, please? Thanks.
  6. davidleonfeild

    davidleonfeild New Member

    Hi Mike, I rooted my phone with super user and never backed it up with titanium (Stupid I Know!) I unrooted and restored and lost or corrupted my setupwizard.apk and now android is no longer provisioned( No incoming calls), home button doesn't work, top menu and lock screens are both non existent, please help me I have Re-Rooted my device and installed Titanium and need a stock backup or recovery to fix my phone do you still have your backup.img? PLEASE TELL ME YOU DO!!!!

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