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Internal storage getting ridiculous on Motorola Triumph.Support

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  1. momo951

    momo951 Member

    Ok so I have been having issues with my Motorola Triumph now on internal storage. It started off because I had too many apps, so I deleted stuff I didn't use. All went well. Now, my phone won't stop bugging me about internal storage running low. I have deleted all my texts, haven't downloaded any apps (if anything, I keep deleting apps I need now!), and I've cleared the data on big storage hogging apps like facebook and opera mini! This is ridiculous! I can't even enjoy my phone anymore! What in the world can possibly be taking up space in my phone that I haven't deleted??????????

  2. dan330

    dan330 Well-Known Member

    go into the market... and look for a "cache clearing" app.
    it might help...

    but not sure if you need ROOT to use them. but you can give it a try.
  3. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    I didn't read any mentioning of you moving apps to the SD card. Try doing so, then restart the device. This will get rid of that annoying "low space" message.
  4. momo951

    momo951 Member

    Just tried two different cache cleaners and only got 2 MB of space freed. I miss being able to download lots of apps :(
  5. momo951

    momo951 Member

    I have done that as well.
  6. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    If you have done that and the problem still persists.. chances are, there might be something else going on with the device. I'll move your thread over to the Motorola Triumph sub-forum - where you might get an answer from someone with the same device. Hopefully, there might be a solution for this problem.
  7. marc12868

    marc12868 Well-Known Member Contributor

    its probably the .alog files taking up space. The only way to get rid of them is either doing a factory reset which will delete everything or rooting and going into system/data and deleting all the .alog files.
  8. ziggy46

    ziggy46 Well-Known Member Developer

    here if your rooted put this file in /system/etc/init.d using root explorer or something like that. and reboot.... it will automatically delete those files for you :D

    that script is made by b_randon14, so thank him :p
  9. marc12868

    marc12868 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Just so you know there is no link... :p
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  10. zajrik

    zajrik Well-Known Member

    What file, exactly? :p
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  11. momo951

    momo951 Member

    I've been considering doing a factory reset. If I do that, will I lose my contacts as well?
  12. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    As long as your google account is synced, it will back them up with that.
  13. marc12868

    marc12868 Well-Known Member Contributor

    If you have your contacts synced with your google account you won't, but just in case you can go to contacts then hit the menu key and import/ export contacts and export them to your sdcard with what ever name you want then you can import them or let your google account sync them.
  14. momo951

    momo951 Member

    Alright so I did the factory reset and looks like problem is solved. I have over 800 MB of internal memory free and that's with all the apps I had before all reinstalled. Now I have another minor problem. My android market is back to version 2.12 which is waaaaay old and ugly. How do I update it to the latest version? I do recall that the market would just update itself but I'm not too sure if it's going to or not.
  15. marc12868

    marc12868 Well-Known Member Contributor

    It should once you download an app. If not try rebooting and see if it updates.
  16. ecarlson

    ecarlson Well-Known Member

    Before you reset it, did you get a chance to run the app DiskUsage, to see what was taking up all the space?
  17. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    I am pretty sure it was the .alog files. It has happened to some other folks on the stock ROM as well.
  18. goshjosh

    goshjosh Well-Known Member Contributor

    Try using App2SD. It's a app that will tell you which apps you can move to SD. It also notifies you about your cache and if you want to clear it. Also, when you install a new app it tells you that you can move that app to the SD just in case you forgot to do so. It's a great app that I use.
  19. petererickson

    petererickson New Member

    I'm also experiencing this problem on my Motorola Triumph... I ran the disk usage program, and I have 300MB of apps, and 700MB of system files... I will also try the factory reset.
  20. FaroeseViking

    FaroeseViking Well-Known Member

    I had this same problem. Its a pain, but just Factory Reset your mobile, then go to "Play" from the google page, log in and every app you ever downloaded will be there. Pick the ones you want to put back and send them to your mobile. It's best when your MT is hooked up to wifi and also charging the battery. The whole thing should take about an hour start to finish. I did it and ended up with over 600 megs of space.
  21. borjis

    borjis Well-Known Member

    the phone is easily rooted and put back to non-rooted if you desire.

    I'd just use Ziggy's script to delete the .alog files.

    I run the script every 3-4 weeks and it always clears around 100mb of .alog files.
  22. Seanette

    Seanette Well-Known Member

    I would if I could find it. ;)
  23. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    There are a couple threads linked in the FAQ sticky. I think it is in one of those. :)
  24. Seanette

    Seanette Well-Known Member

    And that doesn't help someone who doesn't have 10-15 minutes to dig around through that. Keep in mind, some of us haven't been here very long, don't know our way around the place well, and have very little sense of direction. :p
  25. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    And I don't have the time to dig for it right now either, sorry. I was just pointing you in the right direction.

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