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Internal Storage Low <20mbGeneral

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  1. VZWDroidEris

    VZWDroidEris Member

    I've seen a few other threads about this but I couldn't really find any real solution to my problem. My internal storage on my phone is anywhere from 19mb to 16mb and I have gotten a notification a few times about my internal storage being low. I have deleted apps that aren't used frequently as well as cleared caches / deleted old texts but none of this seems to help.

    In the Application Manager the largest item is Dialer Storage, around 26mb and its cache is cleared...

    If this helps here is a list of my currently installed Apps from AppBrain (Totaling 35mb) ADroidEris's Apps on the phone

    PS First Post I'm usually lurking lol :p

  2. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    +1 Creative User name.

    Perhaps you should consider root. Then you can put apps on the SD card rather than on the phone memory.
  3. VZWDroidEris

    VZWDroidEris Member

    Haha thanks I had a bit of a blank when it came to creating my username and I was considering root for a while but the only thing that put me off was voiding my warranty. I haven't noticed any performance issues so is it safe to have that little amount of storage left?
  4. Demache

    Demache Well-Known Member

    You should really consider it. If you would ever need to return the phone for any reason, just flash the Verizon RUU onto it, and it will become completely stock. Then your warranty will be unaffected.

    You may or may not notice any performance issues. If you apps that use a lot of cache like the internet browser, they will start struggling since they have nowhere to put images and such.
  5. meatwad

    meatwad Active Member

    Had the same problem. Mine had got down to around 8MB, I was already rooted. Checked all the caches and app sizes and the math didn't add up. I did factory reset and installed all of the exact same apps. I now have 40MB free. Oh yeah I'm running Evil Eris 3.0 if that matters to anyone.
  6. TeaArra

    TeaArra Member

    That happened to me and still was low after clearing everything. The guy at the Verizon store told me my sd card had never been formatted and all my pictures were going to internal storage instead. I saved the pics etc, formatted the sd card and did a factory reset. I went from 10 to 94 (after reinstalling all my apps).
  7. xx_bishop_xx

    xx_bishop_xx Well-Known Member

    I have read about problems with the App2Sd on EE. I have been using White Widow and the A2SD works well. Perhaps try another ROM. The card must be partitioned before it works properly (unless you're using a 2.2 based ROM).
  8. kmp542

    kmp542 Member

    I did exactly what meatwad did. I was at like 17mb with Evil Eris and something wasn't adding up. So I also did a factory reset and put my phone exactly how it was before and now I have like 55mb. Don't know what it is but it worked.
  9. xx_bishop_xx

    xx_bishop_xx Well-Known Member

    When I flashed WW4.6, my internal phone storage is 100+, I'm not an app freak, but I have quite a few. In the "Applications" menu, there is a setting for app2sd, so it makes it easy to determine if it's enabled.
  10. VZWDroidEris

    VZWDroidEris Member

    Okay thank you. I'm going to try this if I decide not to root.
  11. xx_bishop_xx

    xx_bishop_xx Well-Known Member

    May as well root if you're going to hard reset (wipe) your phone anyway. Just a suggestion...no pressure..."We" are just in need of another Disciple. ;)
  12. VZWDroidEris

    VZWDroidEris Member

    Yeah it looks like Im just going to give in and root haha the more I read about it keeps drawing me in. Thanks for all the help :)
  13. meatwad

    meatwad Active Member

    With the new method it is easy as pie. Also I believe that having root extended the life of my phone. I was looking into getting a new one untill I rooted and OCed my cpu. Now my Eris just flies.
  14. VZWDroidEris

    VZWDroidEris Member

    Which new method are you refering to? I've seen so many guides both here and on xda. I was going to follow the stickied method in the root subforum.
  15. xx_bishop_xx

    xx_bishop_xx Well-Known Member

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  16. mburdick

    mburdick Well-Known Member

    Mine is quite large too, does anyone know how to wipe out the dialer storage?

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