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  1. harrypotel

    harrypotel New Member

    Hi, I have a Motorola Atrix 3G (it's the version from Argentina, but I think is practically the same of the USA one, except for the network).

    I have this problem when I hook up the USB cable to transfer files to the PC after a couple of seconds I get the notification ringtone and it says "SD Card Unmounted", which is fine, because it's supposed to work in the PC and not the phone.

    However, I see both drives in the PC (internal and external storage) and I can only access the external one. The only way to see the internal one is go to settings, and mount the internal SD Card manually. After that's done, a couple of seconds the card is unmounted again, only that this time, it works fine on the PC. It's really annoying to do all that every time, does anybody have a solution for this problem?

    I'm always using Mass Storage, and I've tried this in different PCS and rebooted the phone several times. If I select "None" then I see both drives in the PC, but I cannot access either one.

    Any suggestions??

  2. spitfire6000

    spitfire6000 New Member

    i had the same exact problem...

    I got fed up and did an entire phone wipe, through android recovery at the boot menu.

    All is back to normal i think its an app problem
  3. harrypotel

    harrypotel New Member

    Thanks, it helps to know that at least that's not the expected behavior for this phone. I don't want to do a full wipe though, so it'll be really great is somebody else knows about how to solve this problem.

    Thanks a lot.

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