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Internal storage , Usb storage & SD storageGeneral

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  1. TahseenSheir

    TahseenSheir Member

    I am badly need a help , i dunno the difference between the internal and usb and sd storage and how to move apps from the internal storage 2GB to the usb storage 16GB without move it to the SD card because some apps like plume for twitter and tweetcaster did not work as a widget when its on the sd card , and the internal 2GB is fully so how can i control this !! I can"t move anything to the usb storage !!!

    Thanks in advance -:)

  2. raghavsd9

    raghavsd9 Member

    hey the internal storage is the phones flash storage. the sd card storage is the storage that is found in the sd card such as micro sd, external card. usb storage is only the storage for the SD card, so for that u have to navigate to settings -->> applications -- > and check the check box enable USB or Mass storage only and then you will be eligable to use the usb storage otherwise you would need a software with your phone to use both at the same time.
  3. raghavsd9

    raghavsd9 Member

    Oh yeah and there is also one for your SIM card just like the basic input output system in out computer systems. (BIOS) which consists of all out contacts and user configuration files, system files and directories just in case the phones needs to reset :)...
  4. Zenstrive

    Zenstrive Well-Known Member

    internal storage is the one reserved for system, i.e 1.5 GB on Note.

    USB storage is the rest of the original storage on Note (i.e around 9.5 GB).

    Most of the move2sd apps move apps from internal to SD Storage which means the USB Storage.

    external SD Card storage, on the other hand, is the storage which relies on another SD Card put into the phone, e.g....external SD Card :)

    SO, which means in a 16G Note, the internal storage for app is 1.5 GB, USB storage is ~9.5 GB.

    That's before you put external SD card..
    If you put another SD Card in the phone, it will read as external SD Card. In the file system, it is known as external_sd.
  5. TahseenSheir

    TahseenSheir Member

    First thanks all for replying me ,
    Zenstrive , what i get from you is that when i move app from the internal storage to the SD it moves to the usb storage not the external sd card ?? I got it well ??

    If i do , this means that all apps that have widgets can be work well but the widgets need to store the app on the internal storage 2GB not the usb storage ??

    Also i want to know an app to move the apps from the internal storage to the external SD card

    Thanks inadvance
  6. Zenstrive

    Zenstrive Well-Known Member


    Yes, you move it to the usb storage.
    AFAIK, apps that have widgets can not be installed outside the system/internal storage.
    And...I don't know if you can install to the external SD Card at all, since android may want to prevent such since..you know..the icons, shortcuts, and activities depend on the apps being accesible all the time, not removable like external SD Card..
  7. sleedeane

    sleedeane Well-Known Member

    You can move apps (the movable ones) to external using app2sd app in the play store.

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