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  1. Anroid-Newbie

    Anroid-Newbie Active Member

    Im lookin to buy the lg optimus f3 from t-mobile this week. Metro pcs (my current carrier) also has this phone, but it says it only has 1.2 gb of internal storage. T-Mobile says their version of the phone has 4gb of internal storage. BUT is all of that memory usable for my apps? Please any1 with this phone FROM T MOBILE answer!

  2. sneaky_1

    sneaky_1 Well-Known Member

    Its the same for all of them. Its 4gb of ROM in two 2gb partitions. One 1.9gb (after format) partition for internal sd, and one 1.2gb (after format and system resources) for actual app storage. Note some apps can be moved to the internal SD card.

    This is the usual setup for recent low-mid end devices that are spec'd with 4gb of ROM.

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