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[International] Battery Life

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  1. InfernalByte

    InfernalByte Well-Known Member

    Is anyone using the stock power saver? I've been using the power saver for a couple of weeks and have found a better way in my opinion, to save battery. I have set Set CPU to 594Mhz when screen off, I then turn my data off when i'm not using it, making my email effectively fetch not push. No other mods have been made.

    I'm now getting 76% battery after 1 days use travelling, meaning the phone is looking for a new mast every 5 minutes.

    There are times when I need to keep data on and this technique wont suit everybody but I just thought I'd share this one.

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  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Ah, SetCPU - another app I can reinstall now I'm rooted :)
  3. InfernalByte

    InfernalByte Well-Known Member

    Welcome aboard, 32Gb, 64Gb?
  4. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    No sign of a UK 64, and not prepared to pay over the odds for a grey import (mobicity, I'm looking at you), so went with the 32.

    The fact that TWRP supports OTG is going to help :)
  5. InfernalByte

    InfernalByte Well-Known Member

    You could have gone direct to HTC, the dev edition is a 64. Pricey though without a contract,
  6. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Also only on sale in the US. If I had a reason to go there this year I might have done it though - more hassle if I have to get someone to post it, and maybe customs take an interest.

    Plus I get an EU 2 year warranty this way, rather than a US 1 year one.
  7. InfernalByte

    InfernalByte Well-Known Member

    I thought you'd be on top of it :smokingsomb:

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