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[International] BRICKED my HTC ONE 802W

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  1. bextonbeck

    bextonbeck Member

    ... well this is what I think.

    i bought this one in China due to double sim card and micro SD memory slot.
    but as in Chinese (Weibo form China Unicom, please correct me if not...coz' I 'm newbie (?)) , I wanted to root it and install google Play things because I can't read Chinese even in HTC Market, and customize the blink feed etc.

    I read and read and found a way to make it happen, with Moonrise.
    After unlocking from HTC dev, I realized it was not S-off.
    So no way to install whatever even through TRWP or CWM.

    So back to step 1 for starting up again, regarding S-OFF.
    Launching distiller.exe, all passed more or less ok with some reboots and suddenly a "press ENTER" with a warning not to drink.
    Drink? well OK this maybe some local humour...

    But now i am stuck on 1st screen showing the Weibo Logo, not chance to load anything,
    POWER + VOL.DOWN just makes blink the 2 logo donw on screen ('<' and house logo... even holding for many seconds (and seconds are long in France...:().

    I just can see phone starts to be hot when touching it, and me, feeling hotly... stupid!!!.. :stupido3:
    This was working not so bad finally and I just screwed it...

    Really ?
    It there someone here that feels that I am just missing a small tiny little step to move forward?
    Maybe shoud i have had checked this could work with Chinese phone...

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    are you still able to get to recovery? if so do you have a stock nandroid you can restore? if not we may need to try and find a different rom for you to install.

    i do not believe moonshine works on this variant,unless you found a version on their downloads that matched your build,as the moonshine downloads are phone variant and build specific.

    i believe the dont drink error was due to the fact that the device was incompatible,so it does not seem that this was the casue of issue,but i could be wrong there.

    you would prolly be ahead to jump on moonshines IRC channel and ask them if the tool could have caused the situation.

    rest assured that the s-on device is protecting its vital parts,so it should be entirely fixable. :)
  3. bextonbeck

    bextonbeck Member

    Hi Scotty85,

    Thanks for your reply. I am now more confident to be able to unbrick this phone and your post is a hope to go through and fix my issue.

    "are you still able to get to recovery?"
    The only way to get a "recovery" onto the phone is to launch distiller.exe and unplug the USB cable to stop the procedure.... :(

    "if so do you have a stock nandroid you can restore?"
    Dun really catch the question. Can you please give me more details?
    How can I check this? is this related to .img file?

    Regarding the version of moonshine, I donwload this one moonshine_m7c_dug_1.12.1402.1 as I noted previously my version was M7CDUG PVT SHIP S-ON RH... (dun know if this helps...:confused:)

    Anyway, thanks again for your support.
  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    hopefully we can get to the bottom of this :)
  5. bextonbeck

    bextonbeck Member

    Hello Scotty85,

    When power and vol. down are pushed together, I have no change on screen (so far I understood this was a way to reboot). Actually the only change when pushing simultaneously is the blinking logos ("<' and "|^|" =home or house representation, located each side of the HTC logo.
    I pushed for more than 30 sec. and no change... :(

    regarding the stock nandroid, unfortunately I cannot access to recovery. So I cannot checke for the moment...

    For the matching number, no I didn't check totally.
    M7CDUG was supposed to be (for me) enough to consider it should be working...

    Actually I noted the inscriptions while on recovery mode :
    HBOOT 2.27.000
    RADIO U3.11.3507.08
    OPEN DSP-V31.120.274.0617

    Do you think you can see what is wrong with this?...
  6. bextonbeck

    bextonbeck Member

    Woaw, I just succeeded to be under the HBOOT (battery was out, blank screen, I plugged device on power cable and push long long long time on ON/OFF switch).:D

    I can read :
    HBOOT (selected)

    RECOVERY (selected)
    IMAGE CRC (???)
    It's stupid huh?... But i couldn't make for 7 days!
    But before I get stuck again I'd like an advice. :tee:
    Because it is just like patience, well... I am patient but after all this time... start to be desperate.

    Looking forward to reading you.
    Thanks anyway.
  7. InfernalByte

    InfernalByte Well-Known Member

    Before you go to all the bother, is there a rom that supports 64GB twin sim?
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