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  1. thorbarry

    thorbarry Member

    Hey Guys,

    I've been googling this for a while now to no avail. I exported my contacts from the phone, using the default dialler. They exported as a .VEF file.

    Now after loading a custom rom, I cant import this .VEF file. I cant seem to find any info on how to. I tried opening in excel, I tried importing it into gmail contacts. Nothing works.

    Any help would be much appreciated

  2. biker57

    biker57 VIP Member VIP Member

    Sign into Google contacts with the email address you use and at the bottom of the left hand grouping you will see an option to import contacts. This is where you can work with the file type you have.
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  3. thorbarry

    thorbarry Member

    I've tried this and it doesn't work. It doesn't display an error or anything. I am not sure why the phone exported it as a VEF and not a VCF.
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  4. thorbarry

    thorbarry Member

    I'm still at a loss on this one. I can't find info on .vef files anywhere
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  5. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    only option I get is CSV files from gmail contacts Export

    OK exporting on the phone gives the .vcf file
    did you choose to password protect the contact list ?

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  6. thorbarry

    thorbarry Member

    That's the screen I seen but it exported as a vef. Weird. Yep I put a password on the file when exporting.
  7. thorbarry

    thorbarry Member

    Any more ideas on this one? What is frustrating is that I exported 2 copies of the contacts with a password on it, and both of the files are VEF files :S
  8. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    sorry,no ideas from me. :(

    im assuming that youve got your contacts saved as phone contacts,and are trying to get them from one rom to another?

    if this is the case,you may be worth the effort to go thru them one by one and convert them all to google contacts so that signing into gmail automatically downloads them.

    if thats not the case,maybe a bit of explanations as to why youre exporting them would help.
  9. Harryday

    Harryday New Member

  10. Harryday

    Harryday New Member

    I am pretty sure he meant the google contacts in the web interface. It worked for me. https://www.google.com/contacts/ At the bottom left it says import and it allows you to upload the unzipped vef file.
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