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[International] Custom ROMS ?

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  1. lukael

    lukael New Member

    Hello !!

    I've just rooted my galaxy S3 GT i9300 on 4.0.4 ICS system and now I'm thinking about installing custom ROM...

    I don't have a Jelly Bean (and don't know if It's allready available) and I was looking for custom ROMS which are Jelly Bean ROM-s.

    Is it necessary for me to have a Jelly Bean on the phone or will it work on ICS too :confused: I don't quite understand this ROM things so I don't want to brick my phone !!

  2. rowlers

    rowlers Well-Known Member

    Check out the ROMS on XDA. You can flash any SIII rom you want just make sure you have a backup to go back to if you don't like it.
    Galaxy S III Android Development - xda-developers
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  3. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum lukael.

    You should be able to flash jellybean roms over ics, just make sure you wipe data, cache, and dalvik cache (advanced menu in cwm recovery) and format system (mounts and storage in cwm recovery) before flashing.

    If you have too many problems I'd flash the stock firmware which matches the Rom with Odin and then reflash the Rom.
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  4. Flumme

    Flumme Well-Known Member

    just to make everything extremely clear: you cab flash any s3 ROM that's made for your specific s3 model! Flashing a ROM for another model isa really, really bad idea...
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  5. lukael

    lukael New Member

    thanks for all your help guys, keep up the good work !!!:party:

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