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  1. Rudedawg

    Rudedawg Well-Known Member

    I cleared data from the Email app and that sorted the error message. ( I dont use that app now anyway so no real biggy).

    The text issue seems deeper than that. I get thepreview , it just doesnt say who text. Just TEXT MESSAGE RECEIVED in a pop up.

    EDIT: Well wouldya look at that. You were right sntaylor. Legend.

  2. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    DjeMBeY has just released the full, unmodified, odexed and pre-rooted version of the latest Jelly Bean release, Android 4.2.2, for the i9505... MG3

    Source and Download

    I'm sure it will not be too long before we see a modified, deodexed, pre-rooted, lite version of MG3.
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  3. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    he's uploading as we speak!!
  4. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Syd... you're being premature again!

    (Not the first time Syd has heard those words ;))
  5. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    ur avatar looks a bit cheap in colour, much better over here
  6. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    DjeMBeY,s MG3 pre-rooted firmware is up! :)

    All three versions, see post #1, of the latest Jelly Bean, Android 4.2.2, firmware, MG3 is now available.

    I chose the stock modified version and flashed it over my current MF8 DjeMBey ROM using Odin... in my case I used Mobile Odin. After flashing I had to re-flash the PhilZ recovery and all was well.

    The MG3 firmware is taken from the Brazilian release and comes with some extra apps. The Help Guide, in Brazilian, is something that the dev forgot to remove I guess. Unreceived Calls is basically a separate call/message log prog. Energy Saver is intriguing as it is designed to save battery when the phone is not in use/idle by limiting the data connection to a quick burst every 30 min's. I will be giving this a go as it should save a lot of juice... not that the stock modified ROM's from DjeMBeY really need it IMHO.

    I do not know whether it is a placebo effect but I feel that the scrolling and screen menus are a lot quicker on this version and that the screen seems more vibrant.

    If there is a downside it, "might", be the modem/radio which I feel is not quite as good as the European MF8 that I was using previously. I am not talking about a big difference and in fairness, I need more time to test it. In any case, this is not a big problem as I can easily flash the MF8 modem via Odin.

    EDIT: I flashed the MF8 modem and there is no difference between it and the MFG, for me.

    Certainly, in the time I have been using it, I see no reason why this should not be a, "keeper", for me. :thumbup:
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  7. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    Yup and running here to. Smooth and stable so far. . ..

    Seems the developer is getting pissed of with xda as they won't recognise him as a developer!! Says he's thinking of giving up!! Hopefully he's just letting of stream, but now might be a good time to offer him some encouragement and support, so dig deep and get some donations in
  8. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    There is a new firmware out, but as of yet, not been 're released by djembey.....I9505XXUBMGA
  9. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    So then Mr ass, any report on whether the new energy saver function makes any difference?
  10. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    MGA is up....not tried it yet but thought I'd let you know.Lol
  11. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys. Got latest philz recovery. For the life of me I cannot install roms/updates with the zip files through recovery....just don't know where I'm going wrong
  12. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    I know there have been some issues with people when trying to flash things, but that was more in earlier builds. Think your best bet is to either reflash Philz or just keep on attempting to flash any updates as they are!
  13. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    Yup, just doing it via Odin. Have tried with the last few updates via zip in can, but never seems to work.

    First impression of mga; as good as ever ;)
  14. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    It was a nice little app that came with the MG3 firmware and I gave it a go. The Energy Saver app is really a toggle that turns on, or off, a feature that, when the phone is in idle, screen off, mode will turn data off and then every 30 min's it turns it on again for a short burst.

    Since I am rooted and running DjeMBeY's de-bloated, modified, stock firmware and with my settings already tuned to avoid unnecessary connections, then it did not make a great deal of difference to my battery consumption.

    Having said that, if I had been on an un-rooted phone that was running stock firmware, I would have saved myself quite a bit of battery I feel. Therefore, before switching to MGA, I extracted the Energy Saver .apk from the MG3 firmware and have installed it on the phone in case I ever need to squeeze even more battery saving at some stage.

    As mentioned, I am now on the latest Jelly Bean, Android 4.2.2, firmware for the i9505... MGA.

    I downloaded and installed DjeMBeY's stock, modified, ROM for MGA, using Odin and just flashed it over MG3 with no wipe. I then re-installed the PhilZ recovery via Odin and was up and running. I prefer the stock modified ROM to the CWM version as I never have to flash a Wi-Fi fix.

    One thing that I did notice is that my phone would boot up completely and then enter the boot cycle again. After this happened a couple of times, I un-installed and cleared the data on the ReKey app, mentioned here, and rebooted and re-installed the ReKey app again which solved the problem.

    Outwardly, there appears to be very little noticeable difference between MG3 and MGA firmwares except for the lack of the Brazilian Help guide, Call Log app and the Energy Saver app that are mentioned in my previous post.

    The MGA modem is on a par with all the previous firmware modems that I have used so far on the S4.

    Will give MGA a good going through over the weekend. ;)
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  15. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    A good testing in the twilight zone eh?? someone has to do it.

    The little router app/switch on MG3 has also gone on MGA - I think Djembey just missed a few bits of bloatware when he modified MG3. A much more thorough job done on MGA!!! ;)
  16. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    I flashed the Lite version, and now I cannot root the device at all
    I thought this ROM was ready-rooted?
    I've tried re-rooting as per the dummies guide, but no root access.
    Any ideas fellas?....

    Going to try a different download. I'll be back! :)
  17. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    When you say, "Lite", version... is it the Modified Stock Packages: as shown in #1.2 of post #1 of this thread and is downloaded from post #1 in DjeMBey's thread ...


    is it the Modified Stock ROM - CWM/TWRP/PhilZ flashable ZIP: as shown in #1.3 of post #1 of this thread and is downloaded from post #2 in DjeMBeY's thread.
  18. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    It is prerooted but only if you download the correct one....if I remember correctly, there are 3 options, and it's the stock modified pre rooted version your after, just flash via Odin, followed by a recovery :)
  19. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    as per #1.2 butty.
    I think I must have clicked the wrong link in the thread, and downloaded the stock rom by mistake.


    Interesting that the cf-root in your thread will not root stock MGA. Probably too old a kernel.
  20. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    ironass motto... "Flash in haste... repent at leisure" ;)

    Strange, it should do. I'll give it a go when I have 5 min's.

    (This will probably be my only chance of using this on Hawker and I'm not going to pass up on it. However, my chances of getting my requested mod, here, seem very far away now. )
  21. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    I'm still finding my feet at the moment butty.
    When the dust has settled I shall definately look into it for you.

    In the Lite version, there is no Weather widget. Does anyone know which app this is contained in please, and could you post a link up....I've downloaded 4Gb of crap today and dont fancy another half a gig downloading the removed apps.
  22. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

  23. Rudedawg

    Rudedawg Well-Known Member

    Ive noticed samsung link has stopped working with my tv since flashing this rom.
    If I try to sign in it says authentification with samsung server has failed. Allshare doesnt find any other devices either anyone else tried this?
  24. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Are you using a DjeMBeY stock, modified, ROM, with features removed, as per #1.6

    There are 61 removed apps in the latest MGA release.
  25. Rudedawg

    Rudedawg Well-Known Member

    Yes and I have the link app installed already which is all I thought I needed. Looking at the app review it seems the latest update caused issue for some people. Shame as I like showing the kids photos on my tv. Now it isnt possible. Probably will go back to stock.

    Edit: seems an issue with samsung account. It refuses to sync and sync is greyed out under accounts.


    Also noticed the eye scroll no longer works as well as air scroll.

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