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[International] Dual Boot - Using previous backup to restore 2nd Rom?

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  1. blondbond

    blondbond Member

    Hi AndroidForums,

    My first post so I hope I have followed the correct procedures.

    I have searched for this and haven't found anything that solves this.
    My question is this:

    I have a Nandroid backup of my PACMAN ROM on my SDCard (It has everything set perfectly to how I like and runs amazing).

    Now I am going to fully wipe device and Dual Boot my device using a TW Rom (not sure which yet) as primary and PACMAN as secondary.
    I wanted to know if I could restore my secondary rom (PACMAN) using the backup I have created previously?
    If I need to do something specific (updating scripts or such) I am wiling to do so and i am not afraid of getting a bit deeper into this.

    I have been following XDA threads by rlorange's thread, chenxiaolongs and Graraks also but nothing seems to address this.

    Would it be possible to use rlorange's backup tool before I wipe (creating a 2nd backup of the same rom and its state) then use it to restore my 2nd ROM after flashing/dual booting?

    Something tells me I can't but I just cant find enough info on this to answer this myself so I'm hoping you bright sparks could help me?

    I hope thats not too n00by and thanks for reading

  2. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Not exactly sure if this is what you were looking for, but on my Galaxy Nexus I use to run quite a few ROMs by getting each of them the way I wanted and then doing an Android backup and give it a name. When I wanted to use MIUI (for example), Id go into recovery and install the backup named MIUI. Complete data wipe in between backup restores. TiBU played an important roll in all of that of course. ;)
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  3. blondbond

    blondbond Member

    Thanks for your reply, maybe I need to clarify a but more.

    On the xda forums (search for dual boot patcher) a very clever member has been working on a solution to dual boot any Rom on the S4 i9505.

    It require 2 simple apps on the phone and will allow you to flash 2 separate roms on one device and you can swap between the 2 without losing your apps/data etc.

    I wanted to flash a TW ROM as my primary and an AOSP as my secondary (this is the ROM I use now, pre dual booting and have a Nandroid backup of this rom as it is).

    If I wipe my handset and set a new rom as my primary (some TW based rom) and then set my aosp ( PACMAN ) rom as my secondary will I be able to use my nandroid back up to restore the secondary rom to how it is now on my phone or will the nandroid back up need some sort of patch to enable it to be used on a secondary rom config?

    So my end result would be
    1.new TW primary rom
    2. My original aosp Pacman rom just as I have it now.

    Does that help a little?

    Thank you so much for your reply and time
  4. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    Not exactly the solution you would like, but Petrah's work around is probably the best. I've tried duel booting in the past and could never get it to work properly on an SGSIII. So I gave up after a while. A bit defeatist perhaps, as I'm sure what your asking is possible, but somethings just aren't worth the hassle.
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  5. blondbond

    blondbond Member

    Thanks I will go check this out.
    I suppose if I back up with titanium most, if not all, of my settings will be restored.

    Let the dual booting begin!!

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