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[International] flashing to Echoe v17

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  1. bjammin

    bjammin Member

    Hi All

    I recently switched over from an Iphone (which I had jailbroken) to a S4. I am loving it.

    I am currently on 4.2.2 and keep getting reminders to update my firmware.

    As I have been jailbroken on IOS previously, rooting and custom roms appeal to me.

    I have read the rooting for dummies post and it seems straightforward enough (fingers crossed). I want to root and install a custom rom to bring me up to date on kitkat. I had looked at flashing the Echoe v17 "A new machine" link below:


    What I wanted to know is, will this be ok? Can I root on 4.2.2 then flash a custom rom to 4.4.2 without going near 4.3 or should I update to stock 4.3 then root and flash? I'm not too bothered about Knox as it doesn't seem to have an impact on warranty and its not a corporate phone.

    Is it a good ROM? Is it much different to Touchwiz? The Echoe website is not very explanatory for a noob ;)

    I dialed *#1234# and it gave me this if it helps:

    AP: I9505XXUDMH8
    CP: I9505XXUDMH8
    CSC: I9505 OXXDMHA

    Many Thanks


  2. bjammin

    bjammin Member

    anyone got any thoughts?
  3. Hawker

    Hawker Well-Known Member

    As you are on MH8, you are on the new Knox bootloader, so rooting will void your knox warranty.

    If you are not bothered about this, then I would root and flash Philz
    Then odin flash NAD bootloader, and both NAD GSM+LTE modems. (modem.bin and non-hlos.bin)
    Then in recovery flash the Echoe ROM zip.

    This Echoe ROM is a TW ROM, so you won't see too much difference in terms of your overall TouchWiz experience. You will see updataed statusbar icons, menus etc. particular to 4.4.2.
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  4. bjammin

    bjammin Member

    Thanks Hawker. I thought version 17 of Echoe was google based not tw based?
  5. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Google based would be the Echoe ROM v2.2, based on the Google Edition firmware for the GT-i9505G.
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  6. bjammin

    bjammin Member

    As I was on the knox bootloader I was fed up with the constant notifications to update so (possibly stupidly) have updated to stock 4.4.2. Am I now ok to root and flash Echoe v17?
  7. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    What are your new firmware Version details?

    I'm guessing that you are probably on...

    PDA: I9505XXUFNB9
    CSC: I9505OXXFNB2

    Which is later than the I9505VJUFNB2 that Echoe v17 is based on.

    I have amended Hawker's earlier instructions to reflect your updated firmware...

    ironass motto... "Flash in haste... repent at leisure"
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  8. bjammin

    bjammin Member

    Ironass, thanks for the edit. These are my details after dialling *#1234#:

    Ap i9505XXUFNB8
    CP I9505XXUFNB8
    CSC I9505BTUFNB3
  9. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    OK, so you are on the BTU, NB8, firmware. Same thing applies as it is still later than the Echoe v17.
  10. bjammin

    bjammin Member

    cool thanks, just trying to get used to being rooted now...thanks for your great guide :)

    One question about SuperSu, it keeps asking if I want to disable Knox, do I?

    Wanted to check before I made an nandroid backup

    cheers again!
  11. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Might as well as you don't use it. Score extra points for making a nandroid backup before attempting to flash a ROM. Don't forget efs file and Titanium backups.
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  12. bjammin

    bjammin Member

    I wonder if you could help?
    I flashed echoe v17 and it all went ok but now I can't get my wifi to work and can't get past my setup screen without it.
    Any help is much appreciated!
  13. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Try flashing the latest Echoe v18 release which is based on the later I9505XXUFNBH Samsung firmware.
  14. bjammin

    bjammin Member

    I managed it after a bit of worrying. I did a full wipe and it went through ok. Have restored via Titanium but now trying to set up my phone again for mobile data settings, etc. I'm not sure if this can be done through Titanium.
    I saw that Echoe had brought out v18 but was in the middle of flashing v17 so will give this a go for now unless you think its worth updating now?

    cheers :)

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