[International / GSM] Can anyone explain this sdcard issue?

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  1. paroots

    paroots Well-Known Member

    I have a brand-new gsm Galaxy Nexus purchased from Google. I wish to copy pics, videos, etc from PC to phone. I have noted that there are two different ways to see the sdcard as follows:
    When accessed they seem to show the same contents. Can anyone explain the difference and which I should use?

  2. idic

    idic Well-Known Member

    Use either. One is a hard link to the other. Like a shortcut, but to the file system the folder actually appears to be at the other/both locations. I think it helps with accessing the storage via MTP when plugged into a computer.
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  3. paroots

    paroots Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Another explanation I read is that one of the locations is a placeholder for the missing external SD card since some apps expect it to be there

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