[International / GSM] Can you back up a stock ROM without installing ClockworkMOD

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  1. ccapon

    ccapon New Member

    I am comfortable with ADB and fastboot type commands but am uncomfortable installing 3rd party tools which have rootkit potential (like ClockworkMOD).

    Is it possible to use ADB or fastbook to make a backup of the existing Stock ROM before making any changes?

    Since ADB has shell access, there should be a way of accessing raw devices and creating a backup but I haven't seen any articles which address this.


  2. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Welcome to the AndroidForums, ccapon! :)

    The answer to your question is: sort-of ;) :).

    The issue lies with the fact that you want a quiescent system when you are trying to make a backup of anything. That's what a custom recovery gives you--a very slimmed-down O/S that basically is just running the custom recovery process (/sbin/recovery), and adb daemon/server (/sbin/adb), and a few other minimal things.

    The custom recovery gives you the basic tools for doing the backups that you want to do, but the stock recovery does not--especially since it doesn't provide you with a means to interact with a quiescent system like a custom recovery does.

    If you've unlocked your bootloader, you can always soft-boot CWM (i.e., without installing it) and simply make your backups from there:

    - put your phone is fastboot / bootloader mode
    - fastboot boot clockworkmod.img

    (of course, you'd have to substitute the "clockworkmod.img" file with the appropriate version of CWM that you'd want to run).

    You could also view the CWM source (https://github.com/CyanogenMod/android_bootable_recovery), identify the base commands for doing the operations you desire, and invoke them directly from an adb shell that booting into custom recovery provides you--all without actually using the custom recovery that's launched. That's a pretty big endeavor, however ;) :).

    Cheers and I hope this helps :).
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  3. ccapon

    ccapon New Member

    Hi Scary Alien.

    Thanks for the welcome and the advice. Actually, I hadn't realized that ClockworkMOD was open source. That gave me confidence to use it the way you described and was able to make a backup. Now I have upgraded my 4.0.1 Samsung ROM to the Google 4.0.4 release also following the advice on this site.

    Thank you for everything. My device is upgraded and working well.

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  4. jvergara65

    jvergara65 New Member

    Hi ccapon,
    Can you post the specific commands you ran to create an stock ROM based on the source code for CWM? I have a coby 9742 tablet.

    Juan C

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