[International / GSM] I'm looking for PA 2.54 for Nexus i9250, anyone able to upload it?

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    Nov 22, 2012
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    The Story
    I was running Paranoid Android 2.54 on my Galaxy Nexus i9250 and it was amazing, I loved it. But then I decided to update to Paranoid Android 2.99, however, this version although offers tablet UI, it still keeps the bottom row of icons and button to open all the apps, which I find annoying (am I doing something wrong???). So after working out I probably won't use the pie feature I decided to go back and install 2.54 again. But me being me I didn't back it up. So now I can't find the file anywhere, there are some links in tutorials but they are all dead. I found the Dark Passion version but it also lacks the full tablet UI feature. The only other close ROM I found was 2.54 for i9200 and i9300. I tried installing them but I get Status 7. I tried to open the update-binary file and add a # to the front line (also tried deleting it) but then I got a different "error in file: ****" (IS THERE A WAY I CAN MAKE THIS WORK?)

    I'm looking for Paranoid Android 2.54 for Galaxy Nexus i9250. All links online are dead, is there anyone that could upload it for me?

    I would also be happy with trying other ROMs that can do this but so far I haven't found any, they always have the bottom row of buttons with the button to view all the apps

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