[International / GSM] N00b here with rooted phone, need a root 101 course.

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  1. SensationalRob

    SensationalRob Active Member

    So about a month or two ago I was lucky enough to buy a Galaxy Nexus (gsm) from someone on Craigslist and he already had it rooted when I took possession of it.

    The phone has been great and I have even tweeked it a little thanks to the AOKP ROM.

    It's running ICS 4.0.4

    It has a 3.0.34-CMPLUS-Tuna Kernel and maguro milestone 6.

    I would like to upgrade to Jelly Bean, but to be honest I can't really follow the instructions I find on here, I'm not stupid when it comes to things but I feel like I am coming to the party late and because I didn't do my own hands on root just don't have the background to do it right.

    Are there any "dumbed down" upgrading to JB for dummies type of instruction sets out there I can follow?


  2. Wish I could help directly.... but if there was ever a place that could help, you've found it :)
  3. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    Follow the directions from the link below, and perform a clean flash (There's two types.. clean and dirty, you need to do a clean flash because you're coming from ICS. A clean flash will *not* wipe your personal stuff from the SD, but it will wipe all of your user apps and reset the phone to default). Easy peazy lemon squeezy. ;)


    If you have any questions, ask in that thread and someone will help. :)
  4. Clean flash is essential
  5. GrenW

    GrenW Well-Known Member

    Absolutely. As is digging into you wallet and buying Titanium Backup.
  6. metal571

    metal571 Well-Known Member

    Great advice here so far. Just to give an actual explanation: first you need to unlock the bootloader using a computer, which will factory reset the phone. Then you can flash a custom recovery that will let you either flash a .zip to obtain root permissions on your stock ROM or to flash a custom ROM. ALWAYS ALWAYS MAKE A BACKUP AS SOON AS YOU FIRST FLASH THE CUSTOM RECOVERY to make sure you can more easily return to stock. Feel free to PM me for further instructions and clarifications.
  7. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    He bought the phone rooted. All he needs to do is flash a JB rom.
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