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[International / GSM] need apps:navigation,call recorder,outlook sync,vpn mail,

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  1. dmwajtjt

    dmwajtjt New Member

    this is my first android phone.

    And I have galaxy nexus, that has ics 4. and i just cant find on forums suggestions for theese apps:

    1. At work I use OUTLOOK for callendar, tasks, meetings... and I need to sync with galaxy nexus calendar. witch application? or how to do it?

    2. I really need a good Car Navigation for galaxy nexus with resolution 720p?

    3. Call recorder for outgoing and incoming voice!. on nokia n95 8gb it was working great totall recall

    4. Here is great app for gmail on nexus. But I need also to have a office mail - using a VPN connection. how to do it?

    5. how to export photos and videos from mobile phone to pc-that everything is organised by filenames, date in folders? maybe also by city (using gps in exif info)??

    6. best backup galaxy nexus tool? for setting, apps, widgets, calendar, sms and all? like clone backup?

    thanks a lot for helping me after 2 days of browsing

  2. dimitrisg

    dimitrisg Member

    I use Nitrodesk Touchdown for Outlook email. Works awesome.
    Sygic GPS works on the Nexus ICS.
    Maildroid is a useful Gmail friendly email client, but have not used it on ICS yet.
    Titanium Backup isnt working with ICS yet as far as I know, but waiting for it.
    The rest is something I can't recommend about.
  3. dmwajtjt

    dmwajtjt New Member

    maildroid also works with VPn connection (for office mail)??
  4. dmwajtjt

    dmwajtjt New Member

    the most important for me is of course call recorder - that also record incoming voice (another partner) I really need this, because I have to many calls in one day, and i can not remember all.

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