[International / GSM] Odd problem with Nexus just shutting off

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  1. darkcyber

    darkcyber Well-Known Member

    I have noticed two different times over the last several weeks that my GNexus was just off. Pressing and holding down the power button would not bring the screen up or turn the power on. Both times I had to pull the battery. Has anyone else seen this problem?

    It is very annoying to say the least, because I don't know how long I went with my phone being shut completely down. Didn't realize it until I went to make a text or call.

    I am using Rom: Full toro IML74K ota eng bigxie 2-2 and lean kernel 1.6.1.

    I know, first thing your going to say upgrade to newest version. I upgraded to the 3.3 rom and had problems with calendar and could not fix the problem and went back to 2-2.

    I can handle an occasional reboot, at least your phone comes back up, but I cannot handle it shutting completely down and not having a clue its dead...miss text and phone calls.

  2. QuickDraw23

    QuickDraw23 Well-Known Member

    Yeah this has happened to me 3 or 4 times. I'm rooted and running stock.
  3. darkcyber

    darkcyber Well-Known Member

    Ok, so must not be related to any custom kernel or rom then. Was about to put mine back to stock kernel and rom and then read your post, probably wouldn't accomplish anything.

  4. quickaudi

    quickaudi Well-Known Member Contributor

    Mine did it three times in the last 3 days.

    I think it was app related. It only happened when I updated 13 apps the other night. I deleted Yahoo messenger, Congress app, and Atomic Bomber. Restarted after uninstalling, and it locked up on me while texting, but been flawless the last two days.

    I vote for an app.
  5. nextass

    nextass Member

    This just happened to my nexus a few minutes ago as well as a week ago.

    A week back it started randomly shutting down, but I was able to restart it without a battery pull. This happened about 4 times. Until it got stuck in a boot loop. At this point it was locked and not rooted. So stock everything running 4.0.1. I left it sitting on my side table over night hoping it would fix itself, but no luck. I was ready to leave to get a new device and boom..it turned on.

    A week, and rooting with codename android later the same thing just happened to me. I've read posts on other forums and websites that Google is aware of this problem, suggesting this is a software issue fixable with an OTA fix?

    Holding on to my Nexus for now.

    Also. First post. Woho!
  6. Yeahha

    Yeahha Usually off topic VIP Member

    Welcome to AF nextass :D

    I had a few sleep of death issues with mine so far but I figured it was a kernel issue. I have been running underclocked at 180 and a hotplug governor. I have since switched to an update kernel and a different governor and haven't had the issue since. I have read about SoD happening to even stock unrooted phones so I would agree it has to be something in the original source and if google does something about it then it should resolve the issues with all variants of the software...or at least I hope ;)
  7. cwcheese

    cwcheese Well-Known Member

    I switched both me and my wife to the Galaxy Nexus this past weekend and I have experienced SoD 3 times over the first 3 days, but none in the past 3. My wife's phone has not gotten it even once. The only thing that changed for me was when I swapped to the extended life battery, it seemed to stop afterward, so maybe related to power levels? I'm seeing my power level drop to about 30% after about 14-15 hours with the standard battery, but maintains over 50% on the extended.
    Very puzzling, but I agree it is likely something in the kernel and how the OS is managing the hardware. Hopefully there will be a patch soon.
  8. darkcyber

    darkcyber Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the info...glad it's not just me or a custom kernel or rom doing it then. Very annoying to say the least. When you find your phone in the SoD, makes you wonder how long its been dead and how many calls and messages you have missed during that time and if someone really had to get it touch with you and couldn't, well that's the bad part about it. I hope they get a fix soon.


    What kernel and governor are you currently running?
  9. nextass

    nextass Member

    Just a little update:

    Since the last time i had the SoD (about a week ago), I have uninstalled a bunch of apps that weren't really updated for ICS and since then I have had no problems. Nexus is running smooth as butter! I have read that incompatible apps may be the problem to this SoD thing?

    (And battery life also gets much better with time)
  10. sanjeeva7

    sanjeeva7 Well-Known Member

    I am running stock 4.0.2, unrooted, and have had this problem as well. My phone just randomly shuts down while not in use. I have had the phone about 3 weeks now and it has happened more over the first 2 weeks than recent. It has not happened more than twice per day.
  11. quickaudi

    quickaudi Well-Known Member Contributor

    Bingo. Mine was an app as well.


    Ladies and Gentlemen i will explain this issue from my experiments. yes im new here just because im going through the same crap so i began to test my nexus. long story very short .there is nothing wrong with phone AT ALL. its doing exactly what its suppose to do. if you listen to music or USE THE NET A--L--O--T in there book your phone will kill to free up the towers around you for other people that have smart phone as well to be able to have fast 4g connection.its like having a govenor installed on the phones. i downloaded certain songs to a mp3 app and no shut down . i turn on PANDORA and after 10 to 20 min. it shuts down . same thing for youtube . you will be considered an excessive user. im getting rid of my leash phone tomorrow and going into the droid razr maxx. its all about TOWER CONNECTION DEMAND.if your with verizon call tech. support and complain about they will open doors for you where the verizon store will tell you tough im sorry ,see you in a year, or dump out some cash.im getting out of mine for free of charge.all i said was im not happy and i want out of it . it shuts off constantly which is freakin true. MY WONDERFUL MELTED ICE CREAM SANDWICH LOL . HOPE THIS HELPS.
  13. GrenW

    GrenW Well-Known Member


    If the tower thought you were an excessive user (which I doubt it can even tell) it would at the very most disconnect you and only when the cell was busy. Do you really think a cell tower can remotely switch off your phone? Or that you phone knows when the cell is full and shuts down?

    It's more than likely an overheating issue with the phone internals. Some apps will place more strain on it than others. It's been said that non ICS optimised apps can be worse.

    Mine has shut down 3 times in 3 months. Usually when its in my pocket unused sp I wonder about even that. Maybe things are too hot in my trousers :eek:

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