[International / GSM] P3Droid has 1 click root done

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  1. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Well-Known Member

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  2. 2010 ZR1

    2010 ZR1 Well-Known Member

    I plan on rooting right out of the box. This would make it so easy.
  3. Needz_Android

    Needz_Android Well-Known Member

    this makes me happy :)
  4. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Well-Known Member

  5. B2L

    B2L Well-Known Member

    This has me worried, I was hoping it would be like the Nexus S and not have a one click root method available. One click methods seem to cause a lot more problems than solve them, because then unexperienced users decide to root because it's so easy. Then come all the threads about people bricking devices, getting stuck in bootloops, etc.

    Rooting the hard way forces you to learn more about your device, and what you're doing to it.
  6. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Well-Known Member

    Eh, i agree to an extent. By even rooting the "hard way", it's still easy for people who don't know what they're doing to follow some instructions and get root access. But i guess at least they can follow instructions so they can avoid messing it up by trying new things? Lol but i also think it helps get new people into the rooting community that just didn't want to bother with more involved methods. then they're hooked.

    1-click rooting = cheap gateway drug
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  7. moondrius

    moondrius Well-Known Member

    P3Droid is my hero. I can't believe he found a root method for a Nexus.
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  8. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Well-Known Member

    Let me start of by saying i haven't looked into it, but I'm pretty sure it was already rooted. He just packaged up the processes in a simple package. Not trying to be negative towards your post, but this is a reason people like to flame him. Somebody will think he's trying to steal credit for another devs discovery. When all he did was make it "consumer ready". I'll check and edit this is necessary; but i just didn't want people thinking he was taking credit for this if he isn't.

    Edit: he definitely says that it was the work of others that gained root access. He gave full credit to them and said he just made it a 1 click.
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  9. Rockaholic

    Rockaholic Well-Known Member

    Thank God he did, ADB doesn't seem to work on my computer too well
  10. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    Just wanted to put a note here about rooting for those who will be doing so.

    Coming from P3Droid (and confirmation of a reply to me):
  11. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Well-Known Member

    i just got done reading that little exchange actually. i'll edit the OP to include this.
  12. Stigy

    Stigy Some say... VIP Member

    Perfect -- just wanted to inform people so they didn't wipe their phone before having a nandroid or at least Titanium on their device.

    Here are the quotes for easier copy/paste:
    Code (Text):
    2. Coming from P3Droid (and confirmation of a reply to me):
    3. [ QUOTE=P3Droid ]Pro Tip: Unlock Nexus first before adding too much content b/c it wipes phone -- fastboot oem unlock.[ /QUOTE ]
    4. [ QUOTE=mattdonders ]@P3Droid fastboot oem unlock then the 1-click root method?[ /QUOTE ]
    5. [ QUOTE=P3Droid ]@mattdonders exactly.[ /QUOTE ]
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  13. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Well-Known Member

    Didn't P3Droid say that the unlock would wipe everything off the phone? Music, etc including.
  14. jamor

    jamor Well-Known Member

    Do you consider unrevoked 1 click rooting?
  15. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja VIP Member

    i just am not a fan of p3, most arrogant person in the droid world, and worse part is, everyone feeds him. its bogus, but hey what ya gonna do :p
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  16. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Well-Known Member

    I've never used it but as far as i know i thought that was 1 click. Could never get it to work on my Linux desktop for my wifes incredible.

    He is definitely arrogant. But that doesn't really bother me. You can tell from a lot of his tweets that he's trying to rub it in everyone's face that he has a galaxy nexus on Verizon. Whether he means to or not, idk. But it comes off that way a lot. "when i got my gn i didn't think it would be another 6 weeks until anyone in the states had one..." But then he follows that up with that he can't wait for everyone on Verizon to get theirs because they'll enjoy them so much.
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  17. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Lol. For those moments when "fastboot oem unlock" feels like too much work.
  18. Android_LIFE

    Android_LIFE Well-Known Member

    P3Droid is NOT arrogant.
    What you're hearing in some of his tweets/post is not arrogance, but his tiredness in dealing with people that don't want to believe what he's saying or DOING is true.
    P3Droid also deals with something I deal with on a day to day basis...
    A TON of jealousy and envy.
    ...H A T E R Z...

    He gets attacked day to day, on forums, tweets, and emails.
    (Go ahead and ask him, how many people he's had to block on Twitter)

    Instead of people commending him on his efforts & contributions,
    they choose to attack the guy for whatever hater-isk reason.
    Since Haterz don't do anything but HATE, they can't bring the same P3Droid brings to the Android Community Table, so they stay on their job, and he stays on his, by continuously contributing to the Android World...
    EVEN though the doubters/haterz continue to try and bring him down with hateful tweets, post, and emails.
    That's all a hater is good for...
    Hating on a real guy, doing REAL things.
    If he ever comes across arrogant, thats just his way of beating down the haterz HE is dealing with in the community.
    Its not directed toward any of those that appreciate his work & effort.
    P3Droid takes tons of time out of his own personal life to make things happen for this community, and he gives credit due, where/and when its due.
    I don't really know how anyone could hate on someone that time and time again, proves himself, A REAL contributor to the Android Community.
    The proof is in the pudding folks.
    Give him a break.

    "Hatred is gained as much by good works/accomplishments as by evil work earns."

    HATERZ BR33D on Jealousy & ENVY,
    Don't Hate Me, Cuz You Ain't ME!
  19. dmiller2007

    dmiller2007 Well-Known Member

    Does that root? I thought it just unlocked the device. No experience with it though so idk.

    And to the rant on "haterz", i agree that he does deal with a lot of negative attitudes. But he does come off as arrogant at times. I like p3 and give him the benefit of the doubt that he's not actually arrogant. Just giving the wrong impression. If he's going to open himself up to the public like has (albeit for selfless reasons like contributing leaks and such) he needs to realize that a lot of people on the internet are going to act like that. Getting bent out of shape over it just makes him look worse. Besides, plenty of other people contribute to the community without having "haterz", there has to be a reason things are different with him?
  20. VoidedSaint

    VoidedSaint Resident Ninja VIP Member

    ok android_life not trying to start a debate, im just stating what i feel, and a few others that i know that see what he writes on twitter, from everything we see and what he types, its all arrogant.

    when you tell people you have the gnex and wont give any information on it, besides flaunting that you have it, thats arrogant

    i do applaud the fact that he sent 2 gnex's to a few devs, that was a good thing, but to just flaunt it in our face?

    and back in october or november, he stated something about the gnex coming in november, and when november was here and the date was approaching, he quickly said he never said anything about it.

    if he was right and it came during november, then he would be telling people to sing his praise, somewhere on this board i posted his listings from those dates where he said it was coming, but with no specific date, and then how he claimed that wasnt what he said.

    its my personal opinion how i see him and his actions, does he do alot for our community? sure
    but with a price. you have to buy his leaks with his app. yeah, so basically if we want the leaked version of a ota, you have to buy his app once and then you can have it. for some reason i dont think that is noble, and his tranquility rom, how many dx users have soft bricked their phone because of that rom?

    and the fact he was telling us that his rom was coming to gb for dx, well that has yet to happen, i just dont trust his word, or believe a thing he says, if some people want to, so be it, but eventually you learn.

    thats just how i feel, others may feel differently about him, but me i see it how it is in my eyes, and it wont change.
  21. 2010 ZR1

    2010 ZR1 Well-Known Member

    From what I read in the Nexus S forum, "fastboot oem unlock" unlocks the bootloader, and rooting is the act of installing Superuser and the apk. So in a way, "fastboot oem unlock" opens the door to the root of the device, and Superuser holds it open for apps like wireless tether and stuff.
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  22. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Yep. I'm guessing koush will have a recovery ready to go on release day. So my plan is to fastboot the recovery.img and then flash SU as a zip.
  23. burntorangefan

    burntorangefan Well-Known Member

    It's already done.
  24. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

  25. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Even better!


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