[International / GSM] Tethering Galaxy Nexus To PS3 using T Mobile

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    Hey all,
    So I have a very specific problem and I have literally scoured the internet for a solution. I haven't found much so I came here as sort of a last resort. I have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus gsm running on T-Mobiles 4G network. I have a 5GB data cap and no WiFi. I used to tether my phone to my ps3 every night to game or watch videos but one night I attempted to do this and got a t mobile redirect page saying I need to pay the $15 a month to tether. Well I did some research and the way t mobile catches tethering pirates is to use some sort of packet sniffer that determines your user agent string. Since android devices use a different user agent string they are allowed to pass through but I believe the ps3 uses an HTTP which t mobile hunts for. Anyway I've tried using foxfi but since I have jelly bean it won't work. Any solutions on how I could continue tethering. If your going to say something like "buy WiFi ******" then don't bother commenting at all. Thanks for your guys help!

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