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  1. Amylee3130

    Amylee3130 Well-Known Member


    right i rooted my phone usin the cf boot then i wanted a different ROM so i asked here and i was told to use this

    Model: GT-I9505 (4.2.2)
    CSC: OXXBMG3 (28 codes)
    Kernel: 3.4.0-1081224 (11.07)
    Build Date: 11.07.2013
    Changelist: 1081224
    Original Stock ROM: Download: <<< Hotfile >>>
    Stock KERNEL: Downloads: <<< Android Host >>>
    Stock RECOVERY: Downloads: <<< Android Host >>>
    Pre-Rooted ROM: Downloads: <<< Hotfile >>> or <<< Android Host >>>
    i cleared cache and did factory reset..oh and back up of course...i flashed it using odin and the when it came back on the rootin ad been took off...so i did it again still same...i then rooted it using same cf boot and then read not to use this to root with pre rooted rom so im confused...and the pre root didt work it wouldnt let me access tinanium back up.

    please can someone help me and see if ive done it right and tell me new way to root as ive abviously used the cf boot/.

    can someone please tell me which one i need to download as ive realised ive flased the wrong one


    this is were i got it from but i used on under the official.

    thanks in advance

  2. Amylee3130

    Amylee3130 Well-Known Member

    ant the top of this page it says samsung s4 lte mine in that...mines just the s4? so im not sure this aint even the right one?
  3. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor

    First up, what was the model of your phone?

    I'm going to assume it's the i9505 if you had been advised to use the djembey stock Rom.

    The one you want to flash via Odin is the pre rooted option, which it appears you have done. If this hasn't worked, you may have to download super user from the play store, or you could try one of the other pre rooted options such as mf8 or the newer mgg(I think? Lol)

    If you previously had a recovery installed,I believe(it has done for me) that is wiped by the stock recovery so you would need to reflash whatever custom recovery you had :) if anything else happens, please come back asap and we will try to help, don't go too flash happy :)
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  4. Amylee3130

    Amylee3130 Well-Known Member

    yes the model is I9505 unbranded. i looked and realise i downloaded the official. is there ant chance u could click on the link and mayb advice me on which one because theres loads and some are under offical and others under modified so now im really confused.

    thanks in advance
  5. Amylee3130

    Amylee3130 Well-Known Member

    and at the top of the page via the link i added it say s4 lte and thats not mine.
  6. sntaylor

    sntaylor Well-Known Member Contributor


    Hopefully that link works for the mga update.

    You do actually have the s4 LTE, lte just refers to 4g, the same as the h signal is still 3g :)

    To clarify its the bottom one with two download options that you click on, it's just give you choice on what server to download from :)

    Original Stock ROM: Download: <<< Hotfile >>>
    Stock KERNEL: Downloads: <<< Android Host >>>
    Stock RECOVERY: Downloads: <<< Android Host >>>
    Pre-Rooted ROM: Downloads: <<< Hotfile >>> or <<< Android Host >>>
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  7. Amylee3130

    Amylee3130 Well-Known Member

    are you sure lol because when i bought the phone i was unaware of this lol they never said it was that, thay acted like the lte was a different model of s4.

    ok so the file i download is under the modified rather than under the official list...cos i downloaded one already and think it was wrong one

    so will it be rooted once i flash it? because somewhere i read it says not to use cf boot to root

    and should i flash the zip file in philz or using odin...ad should i do another wipe then the cache and factory before flashing?
  8. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    I9505 has LTE
    I9500 is HSPA only.
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  9. Amylee3130

    Amylee3130 Well-Known Member

    thank you xx
  10. Amylee3130

    Amylee3130 Well-Known Member

    infact im aure this is the one i used but it never did anything... how will i kno its worked?
  11. Amylee3130

    Amylee3130 Well-Known Member

    whats the difference between the official stock packages and the modified packages?
  12. Amylee3130

    Amylee3130 Well-Known Member

    i flashed this and it wasnt pre rooted because titanium wouldnt work x

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