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[International] Help me root this please? Mac..

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  1. Rolledup20s

    Rolledup20s Member

    Hi guys. I've been an iPhone user since the start of time and I'm used to jailbreaking etc. I upgraded to the Samsung s4 on o2 in the UK and didn't think I'd want to root but now I feel the need to as it's proving difficult lol.

    So, I have a mac... so guide on this please.
    I downloaded motochopper and ran terminal ok and it installed supersu onto my phone OK but when checking if rooted it said I wasn't and an update was required for SU but wouldn't do it. So.. I'm Looking at alternatives but baseband throws me as all YouTube videos have different baseband to me. Mine is I9505XXUBMF8 so what's the best method for me?


  2. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    I am also a Mac user but I gave up on using my Mac to root my S4 (just as I had with my S2 before it) and booted into Windows to do it. Once you have rooted your phone and installed a custom recovery (BEWARE Knox and the eFuse - if you don't know what this means, research before going any further) you won't need Windows again. If you have even temporary access to a Windows machine, this will be the easiest option.
  3. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Hello and welcome to Android Forums Rolledup20s! :)

    I'm guessing that if you are on O2, UK, that you have the GT-i9505, quad core, International version of the Galaxy S4. See #1.2 of, "18 Galaxy S4 models - know yours?", to obtain your version.

    The baseband refers to the modem installed on your phone and may differ from the actual stock firmware details. See #1.3 of the previous link to ascertain your firmware build.

    lotus49 is correct in saying that it is easier to root using a PC than a Mac. For rooting details using a PC, see, "Rooting Galaxy S4 - Dummies Guide". As also mentioned, be careful if you are on firmware versions MGG, Android 4.2.2, onwards as they are Knox Security enabled. See, "Knox Security & locked bootloader on new firmwares". This is why it is important to know your exact firmware details.
  4. Rolledup20s

    Rolledup20s Member

    Appreciate your help guys..

    Hmm. Yes, mine is the gt-i9505 quad core. Firmware results are AP : I9505XXUBMF8
    CP : I9505XXUBMF8 and CSC : I9505O2UBMG1, so it says to go off the AP which I knew already. I take it these Results are not MGG then?
    Don't have access to Windows anymore either. I don't understand why motochopper didn't do it though. What more info can I provide to find the right tool to use? On the iPhone it was a case of downloading poison, plug in iPhone, run jailbreak, done. Is there nothing out there for Android like that?
  5. Rolledup20s

    Rolledup20s Member

    Actually, reading up on some issue with rooting I think I'll leave it. I only wanted it to get rid of stock apps and update to the latest 4.3 Coz I'm very impatient and don't like being stuck on the inferior 4.2.2 while people are already rocking kitkat 4.4! :(
    I didn't know about delays between different carriers etc.. Coming from Apple it was just released to everyone at the same time. It's just apple are so boring now.. So glad I got my s4, made me sell my iPad as well and get the new nexus 7. As for my mac mini, well that stays! :)
  6. lotus49

    lotus49 Well-Known Member

    If I were you, I wouldn't waste my time. I have read lots of threads here and elsewhere about getting rid of so-called bloatware but, despite asking repeatedly, no-one has adduced a shred of evidence that doing so makes any material difference. On the other hand, doing so has occasionally (although rarely) caused quite significant problems for people.

    There is pretty much no benefit in removing so-called bloatware but there are risks. Consequently, it's just not worth doing.
  7. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    Moved to the International S4 Root forum for better support.

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