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  1. rcarruthers

    rcarruthers New Member

    Hi - not sure if this is a stock jelly bean or galaxy note 2 'feature' so have posted here. This annoying blue half moon shaped tab keeps randomly appearing on my phone (attached pic 1, to the left of the BBC widget). Opening it looks like a drawer (pic 2) with apps available, not chosen by me. The tab is always superimposed on the screen whatever you are doing. Incredibly annoying, and the only way I can get rid of it is to restart phone, but it will randomly re-appear sooner or later. Can't find anything in settings to disable / remove it. Please help me get rid of this eyesore and prevent it coming back... thanks in advance. Richard

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  2. dodgethis1

    dodgethis1 Active Member

    Thats the tab for split screen feature, I personally think its cool but if you hold the back key it will go away. It will return by also holding the back key. Have you actually used it? open your browser then open the blue tab and hold and drag facebook (for instance) to the lower half of the screen. I think its cool. Good luck.
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  3. rcarruthers

    rcarruthers New Member

    pressing & holding back key = happy chappy!
  4. Randles

    Randles Well-Known Member

    I couldnt suss this out either but did in the end :D
  5. rajeevk

    rajeevk Active Member

    Well, long pressing the return key will show you the menu and whenever you want it to be disappeared just repeat the same.

    I agree with you dodgethis1, this is really a fantastic app. And you know what, we can perform 3 task simultaneously with the help of this app.
  6. trm49274

    trm49274 New Member

    Interesting how this turned into "praise the half moon drawer feature" thread.
    This is annoying and I would like to know how to turn it off.
    I didn't ask for this feature which adds to the frustration.
    I don't need it
    Its wrong to have a feature imposed upon someone who doesn't want it.
    No matter where I move it, it gets in the way and ends up tripping open.
    I hope that the powers that be send an update with a disable setting for this crazy thing that is enough to drive someone to an apple product.
  7. trm49274

    trm49274 New Member

    Ok the long press on the return key worked

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