[International] HTC One doesn't boot after Kernel Installation

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    Mar 10, 2014
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    I have a description to unlock / root my HTC One I found on cultofandroid (I can't post links, sorry).

    Then I tried to install the Kernel "teaMseven_kernel_SENSE" to allow using an additional soft button.

    I used a description I found on wonderhowto(dot)com

    Now the problem is that the HTC does not boot anymore. It is stuck with the white screen. I made a backup but apparently that backup does not work either (probably because I mounted the kernel before I installed it, I thought that wouldn't change anything persistently).

    Anyway, it appears that a USB connection to the PC is still possible. So I thought maybe by using the command window (cmd) I can load a working recovery to the HTC and mount it.

    TWRP is on the device and seems to work. The "wipe" option did not help. When I try "restore factory settings" it also starts TWRP.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    Best way to get back to a working phone since you did not create a backup prior to your kernel installation is to flash a stock rom,wich will restore the stock kernel and modules. Stock roms for us carrier and some unbranded builds can be found on xda.

    In the future make sure to create a backup prior to making any modifications ;)
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