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  1. marcusgib23

    marcusgib23 New Member

    Will the international version of the Galaxy Note 2 (N7100) work in Japan? I have searched and searched for a clear answer but my lack of understanding when it comes to cell phone networks keeps me confused. I ask because I will be traveling between Japan and the US a lot in the next few years and I would like to use the same phone in both places and just be able to switch out sim cards.


  2. Robobob1221

    Robobob1221 Well-Known Member

    In theory it should be fine. Is your phone unlocked? The only problem would be finding a sim card in Japan I think.
  3. Kotetsu

    Kotetsu Member

    Hi guys,

    I should be able to help because I've been in Japan for more than 8 years now and own a GNII (international version).

    Mine works just fine with the Softbank SIM except for the MMS.

    As far as I've found the MMS app on the domestic smartphones is slightly different than other countries (like everything in Japan they need to make it different).

    The only workaround is to root your device, remove the original MMS app and install one that was coded by a fanatic. It is available on the web but I don't remember where.

    I never tried this because I don't really give a damn about MMS, I don't use it. SMS work fine from a Softbank phone to a Softbank phone but for other operators I can't tell. Again I mostly use mail over data network and it works perfectly fine if you've configured your APN correctly. Actually that is the only thing you need to do.

    Just get Offline SIM APN app from Google play and you should have all the settings right.

    I just put the Micros SIM from my Iphone 4S in my GN2 and no problem.

    Feel free to ask any question, I'll try to answer them if I can.
  4. Robobob1221

    Robobob1221 Well-Known Member

    Is your note 2 rooted? What method you use if so?
    Also which international version you have, N7100 or N7105?
    Also does your rear led and vibrate function work with custom kernels?

    Sorry for the hijack op :p
  5. Kotetsu

    Kotetsu Member

    No problem.

    My GN2 is not rooted. I don't see a reason to do it so far (unless it's the only way to let me access my device as a mass storage via USB).

    It's a N7100, international version. I use it with Softbank. I tried to install the softban MMS app but it doesnt work better than the factory app. I took my phone to Switzerland last winter and used it with a prepaid SIM, everything worked perfectly, including the MMS (I of course did set up the APN for Swisscom, the swiss operator I was using there).

    The only issue I have with the phoe is that every time I switch it off and back on, I get spam SMS by the dozen. Later I don't receive any. It's pressty odd, it started to happen only after I was back to Japan and put my Softbank SIM back in the device. I can't get a clue about how this happenned.
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  6. Robobob1221

    Robobob1221 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply. Just curious as I have the docomo note 2. And the bloatware stinks!
  7. Kotetsu

    Kotetsu Member

    My good buddy just bought one too. He immediatley changed the display mode to the original one instead of the Docomo version ! lol
  8. Robobob1221

    Robobob1221 Well-Known Member

    The unfortunate thing is even if you root, the docomo palette and it's lockscreen are coded into the framework and settings which is annoying a little bit. Makes modding difficult.
  9. Kotetsu

    Kotetsu Member

    I am digging this out again.

    Does anyone know why I can't connect to FON wifi or any softbank wifi access point with my Note 2?

    I use the SIM from my iPhone 4S...

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