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[International] Is it possible to get Google Voice Actions on the Note 2?

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  1. techbananas

    techbananas New Member

    I have just moved over from iPhone and i'm missing the Siri, reminders/alarm setting functionality. I found this video of Google voice actions which seems to do all that i need but i cant find it in the play store!


  2. annebrooks64

    annebrooks64 Well-Known Member

    The video you saw is on a Motorola running ice cream sandwich not the note 2 running jelly bean. These actions on a note 2 can be done through either Google now which you can get by long pressing the middle home button and tapping the g icon or by using s voice which you get by double pressing the middle home button. Hope you understand that.
  3. yzviper

    yzviper Member

  4. aygriffith

    aygriffith New Member

    Is that the Motorola voice command engine? Google Now and S Voice don't seem to have that much functionality. I tried asking both to "Take a Screenshot" and they went to search the Web for it.

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