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  1. spilly82

    spilly82 New Member

    Im a first time rooter. I used CF-Auto-root on my SM-N9005 . many thanks very easy process for beginners. since then i have run into trouble.*
    i started freezing apps using titanium backup which was all good. later after allowing superuser in SuperSU i received a "app unauthorised access attempt". i did some app update uninstalls, delvik cache clear then an app and data recovery and went into SuperSU to cancel superuser and reboot. this is where the problem began. I never uninstalled su binary before reboot and now none of my apps will connect to the net. am i right in saying both binaries are running. can i repair this by rerooting. after reading up i think i know where i went wrong but dont know how to fix it. how deep am i in?

  2. spilly82

    spilly82 New Member

    i went through the CF-Auto-root process again with success. i then went through and started restoring apps through titanium backup. most of my apps are working except anything that syncs an account (mostly google apps). ive had to freeze google services to framework due to the com.google.process.gapps error im getting. ive been through every possibility fix i can find on the net except a recovery reboot and delvik cache clear which is (in my opinion) what got me into this mess in the first place. im also getting An application has been forced to stop for an unauthorised attempt to access system in your device.
    any help would be greatly appreciated.
  3. robboa65

    robboa65 New Member

    Would like to root my Telstra Note 3 too... so very interested if you find the way to sort this out... sorry I cant help... will be first time for me too...now I am more nervous :(

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