[International] Need Help. HTC One, Formatted.

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  1. DiseCloud

    DiseCloud New Member

    Hi, im new here. Recently Installed Rom and bunch of other things on my HTC ONE. OverClocked it as well. Longs story short. I wanted to wipe the phone but click the Format option.
    Now all I have is white screen with Htc logo on it. Cant connect to the computer. Cant boot it into recovery Menu. Will not turn off. Just stuck on that logo.

    Is it possible to bring it back or the phone is done?

    My apologies if im in the wrong area.

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    hold power for 10+ seconds until the soft keys start to blink. this will initiate a hard reset. when the phone turns off to reboot,start holding vol down. this should get you to hboot. select recovery,and see if you can get to recovery. if so,you can restore a backup or flash a rom.

    if you need to,you can repeat that process,then when you get to bootloader,select fastboot. plug in,and you should get a serial number from fastboot devices

    you can now reinstall a recovery. let the phone try and reboot after installing,repeat the hard reset/hboot/recovery process to get into a working recovery.

    install a rom or restore a backup. hope that helps :)
  3. DiseCloud

    DiseCloud New Member

    I was able to get into the bootloader screen. the recovery/restore doesnt work. nothing in there
  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    What do you mean nothing is there ? You have no recovery? Or you have no backup to rstore?

    If the former,get back to bootloader and reflash recovery. (id use cw so an adb daemon would be running)

    If the latter,flash a Rom. You may have to change to cw so you can get a rom to the sd card.

    When the phone sticks,are you trying adb devices,and fastboot devices in the cmd window?

    Last and not least,is there an ruu for your carfier/region? Do you know your original build number/cid?

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